Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Sounds Like It’s Gonna Be More Of Everything!

Samsung Galaxy S10
Courtesy: Awok

Samsung is a brand remain famous among the Android user, but in the modern era, it is quite difficult for any company to keep its name high throughout the year. Oppo and Huawei both companies are giving a tough time to Samsung and all three companies are putting their best to win the race.  Samsung is going to launch a new phone called SamsungGalaxy S10. This phone will be a gamechanger as it is fully equipped with modern and most advanced technology. Surely Galaxy S10 will give a tough time to Oppo, Huawei and other android manufactures companies.

Let’s see what is all that fuss about?

Stunning Hardware Specifications

Rumors are at their peak as Galaxy S10 is going to launch early in 2019. According to expats and some leaks pictures, it may have a sizeable curved screen of 6.7 inches with 1440 x 3010 resolution screen which is enough for enjoying videos and playing favorite games. Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with an OLED display. Forgetting a maximum advantage, it may carry 6GB or 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory which is beyond your imagination. For support of fast browsing, it is supported with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor version 845.  

Samsung Galaxy S10
Courtesy: Slash Gear 

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is considered to be a remarkable advancement in the mobile phones that were launched throughout the year 2018. Due to this, the fingerprint sensor is regarded as an essential part of every smartphone. Upcoming Galaxy S10 also carries fingerprint sensor, but it is located in-screen or in-display for locking and unlocking the mobile phone, which makes it distinct from all other smartphones.

Headphone Jack

 Keeping the slim size of mobile in mind, Galaxy S10 contain prototype with headphone jack as Samsung’s model. It is suspected to be the last Samsung flagship with this feature.

5g Technology A Big Step Towards Modern Era

In the mobile market, Samsung is making efforts to introduce 5G technology for commercial use. Still, the decision is not final that it Samsung S10 will capable for 5G technology or maybe Samsung separately launched a 5G smartphone. Samsung may be launched Galaxy S10 in collaboration with Verizon as Verizon is quite famous due to its 5G technology which is launched in few cities of USA.  

Samsung Galaxy S10
Courtesy: News4C

Incredible Camera

Camera lovers will surely be mesmerized with Galaxy S10 as it may be equipped with six cameras which is new. Four back cameras and two front cameras for selfies lover! As per rumors, the rare camera may be 16 megapixels with 120 degrees of the ultra-wide lens which is an incredible combination for clicking photos.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Courtesy: Slash Gear

Reverse Charging

No doubt Samsung is giving full freedom to its Android user and going to make Galaxy S10 a perfect icon of modern technology. It also carries a reverse charging feature which is no very common nowadays among android mobile phones.

3D Mapping Technology

Samsung is not the first to introduce 3D mapping sensor in a smartphone. Galaxy S10 will be the pioneer android phone of Samsung which will have 3D mapping sensor. 3D mapping sensor allows its user to build 3D map outside world.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Courtesy: AWOK

Speakers Replacement

Samsung is also going to replace its pet concept of using speakers as a source for emission of sound. It may use Galaxy S10 screen for sound emission.

All the above mention data is based on rumors, technical expats predication, and leak photos and taken from different websites. Moreover, exact specifications will be known when it will be launched in the coming year.