Foodpanda – A Great Service Gone Bad

Courtesy: marketing Interacticve

It seems to be unbelievable for those who are getting serviced greatly by Foodpanda. But for the last few months Foodpanda got 70% declines on orders. According to several reliable resources and several customer accounts, Foodpanda has been witnessed getting downward for a variety of issues.

FoodPanda is the largest food delivery portal in Pakistan. Actually, before it was under a German tech giant Rocket Internet, they were also having an indigenous startup EatOye and in return to this, they were also acquired by its fellow a few time earlier in this year, who is another huge fedora (Hero Delivery). They are also having a 70% decline in orders at their initial times.

There are several reasons for Foodpanda service that get worse. Several customers acclaimed to get order extremely late, particularly on occasions. Orders were late along with cancellation without any notification to the customers. On the app, the prices were mentioned much higher than the actual price restaurants offering.

Due to such issues, the services by Foodpanda didn’t reach the end goal they want to achieve. People also claim about the app, they are saying that the app is confusing and not much efficient in working.

After the update, the app changed to pink from red and its interface has turned to be more complicated than before. Most of the customers are not satisfied with the service of Foodpanda. Some of the restaurants ask you about any specific instruction, but many of the restaurants did not ask anything like this and just places the order, it is not something good people expect.

Most people urge for food and want their food to come in the timeliest way. But in any occasion, Foodpanda never support and the orders became late and cancelled without informing the customers waiting.

Pakistan has a huge population which can benefit Foodpanda in much potential way, if it served perfectly. FoodPanda should improve their customer service and make the interface of the application simple and they should much take the customer’s reviews and take serious note about it.

Customer reviews are not only for criticizing, by that criticism the service should improve their self and prove the review wrong. It is something everyone should do. One person related to Foodpanda commits to expand to more places and improve their services for customers. They also said to include more than 1000 new restaurants.

Let’s hope best from them now!