Have Toddlers with Flu, Cough and Congestion? Try these natural remedies

Remedies for Flu, Cough, Congestion in toddlers

Parents’ biggest nightmares are their babies and toddlers being sick especially with the changing weather from summer to winter. A child under the age of 2 is very delicate and shouldn’t be given medicines and antibiotics every now and then, but poor mommies are left with no other options when their toddler is continuously uncomfortable with stuffy nose, congested chest, cranky behavior and sleepless nights of mommy and baby both. So here we’re going to give you the best natural remedies for flu, cough and congestion with no side effects for a happy and healthy child.

List of remedies you can try at home

  • Take 3-4 black cardamoms roast them on a cooking pan with low to medium flame until it turns black, remember keep flipping it to avoid burning. Now make fine powder of it using the chopper after removing the cover of black cardamom (use the seeds inside only). Lastly, take about 5 to 6 tablespoons honey in a dry and clean jar (should be airtight) and mix the roasted cardamom powder in it and keep giving ¼ tsp of it twice a day to your baby under 1 year of age and ½ tsp to older than a year toddlers and children. You’ll be more than happier to see its results in a short span of 2-3 days. You can use it twice a day for 7 days a week. The honey and cardamom mixture will clear the stubborn congestion that you think cannot be treated without antibiotics.
    Remedies for Flu, Cough, Congestion in toddlers Remedies for Flu, Cough, Congestion in toddlers
  • Second best remedy for cough is to simply mix 1 tsp honey in ½ a cup of lukewarm water and give it to the child in morning and before bed time to have a sound sleep.Remedies for Flu, Cough, Congestion in toddlers
  • Another remedy for flu and cough that is used by our grandmothers for ages is black pepper and honey mix well together and give a pinch of it thrice a day.Remedies for Flu, Cough, Congestion in toddlers
  • Last but not the least is to apply baby chest rub on the chest.
  • Keep a bowl of hot water with gloves and chest rub in it near the baby (in your supervision, never leave the child unattended while trying such things).
  • Put normal saline drops in the nose to unblock it by softening the mucus. It helps to improve the discomfort in breathing.

Things to do and avoid with the remedies

  • Avoid rice and rice cereals as it triggers congestion more.
  • Avoid cold water or ice creams and try to keep your toddler warm with chicken stalk and half boiled egg.
  • Make them wear warm clothes, cover their chests and apply chest rub at bedtime.
  • Most importantly avoid fan on the top of the bed, instead use a side table fan.

Important note: With these natural remedies betterment is expected within 3-4 days, but if condition remains the same immediately see a doctor.