Pakistan’s Fielding Was Impressive Against HongKong, All Thanks to Grant Bradburn!

Fielding Coach Grant Bradburn

Pakistan’s new fielding coach Grant Bradburn joined the national team squad in Dubai on Wednesday (12th September, 2018) and had his first training session as well. As Pakistan won its first match of the Asia Cup series, we can say that it was an effective decision to add Grant Bradburn as fielding coach!

Fielding Coach Grant Bradburn in Asia Cup 2018
Courtesy: Abb Takk News

Pakistan faced Hong Kong who were regarded as the tournaments minnows to say the least, Pakistan was hot favorites and was expected to come out of that match with an easy victory.

The Need of Fielding Coach Grant Bradburn!

Bradburn has been appointed keeping in mind the Asia Cup campaign as its one of the premier competitions in the cricketing world. Just like batting and bowling the PCB feels the need to bolster Pakistan’s fielding as they know most teams in the Asia Cup have a very solid fielding unit.

Ever since Mickey Arthur has been Pakistan’s head coach, you can see the difference in the fielding standards of the team, with Pakistan now being in the top three sides in terms of taking catches. This proves the emphasis given to fielding by the head coach as compared to the past coaches Pakistan had. In keeping with this new found direction, Pakistan Cricket Board has now added to the staff by hiring fielding coach Grant Bradburn who has been given a three year contract.

Current Fielding Coach Grant Bradburn Helped Making History!

Bradburn was the head coach of the Scotland Cricket team and under his reign Scotland made history by defeating England back in June of this year. During his first four years in Scotland cricket Bradburn helped Scotland to its most successful period in cricket with the team winning their first game in an ICC event against Hong Kong, after which they won their first ever International one day game against Zimbabwe who are a recognized test nation.

The Will To Win!

On Thursday (13th September, 2018) he spoke to the press, Bradburn said

“It was a great first session with the Pakistan team.”

He was then asked about his first impression of the team to which he replied

“Pakistani players are ready to learn and are familiar with the basic techniques of fielding.”

Grant Bradburn is ambitious and has made his intent known from the go-get-it stance, he knows what he wants to achieve and will push the player’s to their maximum potential and we have already seen the improvement. He lastly said

“My target is to improve Pakistan’s fielding.”

Considering the previous victories, the ambition of our new fielding coach Grant Bradburn and the hard-work of our seasoned and emerging players paid off well in the first match. Hoping to see great cricket in future too!