Unbeatable In Innovation – Facebook Hasn’t Stopped Adding New Features!

Courtesy: TechCrunch

Facebook is the second name of innovation and redefines redesigning and features enhancement. Facebook never fails to amuse its users by adding exciting features by enhancing users’ experience making it more lively and expressive. After adding optional smiley and emotions in the like button, live display photo, shortcut keys, Facebook has recently come with an exciting add-on feature for Life events making them more memorable and full of expressions.

Facebook feature

Life Events On Facebook

People like to share their success and achievements with their friends and family online and Facebook has given its users freedom of expression to share by adding their life events in a distinguished manner. In order to make these events more communicative and meaningful, Facebook is giving special features to celebrate those events.

Relations Life Events

Facebook has provided a special category to mention and declare our relations with family, friends, and relatives, however, there were only limited options to the users. The user can either declare the relation by mentioning the type of relation and date and respective profile photos or any other single photo of your own. However, Facebook is now providing more options to the users if they don’t have their profile photo, now they can add animated photos and videos from a large variety of photos by Facebook itself made available to its users. Not only that, the users can include photos from:

  • Other people
  • Pages the users tag in the post. For example, partners photo, school or any workplace photo

Other features include:

  • Subtle animations
  • Slow zooming in
  • Related Icon for the life event


The users can also write a brief description of the moment other than the actual moment type so that users’ can express their happiness and emotions accordingly.

Facebook feature


In order to celebrate life events with your family and friends, Facebook has ensured to send a filtered notification to the people with whom the users intend to celebrate their milestones, inform them about the change of the city or a job, or completing your education. The notifications can be sent to all or to the relevant people only and can be turned off anytime.

Reaction Animation

Facebook animates the reactions on the life events to celebrate the moment with expressions, emotions, and love.

Highlighting Life Events On Profile

Now, that’s exciting since the life events are going to be highlighted on the users’ profile in a dedicated section other than the normal users’ information section to give them the right special place on the users’ profile timeline.

Facebook feature

Facebook has covered it all for the users in making their Life Events more lively and full of expressions on their timeline by introducing animations, desired photo, notifications and a special place on the profile.  All these features are introduced in order to distinguish Life events from daily posts and to give them the due celebration they deserve.

These updates are now being rolled out globally by Facebook on Android, iOS, and desktop from 12th December and will be completely done in the coming days.