Artificial Intelligence Now Allows Facebook To Transform 2D Photos To 3D!

Facebook AI - 3D photo
Courtesy: Google Plus

Gone are the days of printed photos, negatives, reel cameras, and photo albums! High-resolution soft form photos, Tumblr, 500px, Instagram, Facebook photo albums, 24-hour snapchat and Instagram stories are the new trends.  However, 2D photos haven’t completely satisfied us so Facebook introduced 360-degree photos. On the other hand, Instagram introduced the concept of Boomerang to capture moments in a three-dimensional manner. Above is just an overview of the evolution of photos and videos from the 80’s to present era. This is an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is now transforming not only our work but our daily lives as well and Facebook AI is meeting the needs of its users to change 2D to 3D photo.

Facebook has recently introduced an interesting feature to change iPhone portrait photos into 3D photos with the help of Artificial intelligence. Isn’t it interesting? Now, you can create 3D photos from your phones. Facebook has introduced this feature in iPhones only and has promised to make the feature available for the other phones as well. We have observed that Facebook has constantly added new features in order to make it a worth-exploring social media platform.

Facebook AI - 3D photo

How To Capture A 3D Photo From iPhone?

  • 3D photo option is available in the status update composer of the phone.
  • Tap 3D photo option
  • Select portrait mode photo and shoot

Facebook will be making this feature available for other phone users in the upcoming weeks so don’t worry. Everyone is going to enjoy this amazing 3D feature by Facebook AI.

Steps Necessary for 3D photos

  • Phone – iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS
  • Distance – Subject should be three or four feet away from the phone
  • Background – There must be things in the background or foreground of the subject. This is necessary for Facebook AI to slice the photo into different layers to give a 3D effect.
  • Colors – Multiple distinct colors will help AI to make separate layers of the photo. AI won’t work properly if there is any transparent, plastic or shiny object is in the background.

Facebook AI - 3D photo

This 2D to 3D photo conversion feature of Facebook AI is quite interesting since it also allows the users to use different techniques and to play with different types of backgrounds, colors, and distances. Moreover, this feature is a definite enhancement of VR since it works well with both handset motion as well as on still handset.

From text emoji to 360-degree shots, live recording and now 3D photos, Facebook never lets down its users in terms of advanced features.