The Baby Shower Of Empress Market Left Us Speechless!

Empress Market Encroachment Operation, Empress Market New Look
Courtesy: The News International

I don’t know about you but for me, a building is either male or a female. The architecture, the style, and the general vibes of a place let me decide it. With huge towers and strong stance, Frere Hall is an alpha male while with discreet and veiled beauty Empress Market is definitely a charming female! After remain forgotten for decades, she is getting the attention again she deserves and guess what? she is blossoming! Empress Market encroachment operation is in progress and we can see the difference. In all my life I have never seen the walls of Empress Market and suddenly there she is rising from the ashes. Empress market new look after the clearance of the area made me think about what have we done to our historical monuments!

Empress Market Encroachment Operation, Empress Market New Look
Courtesy: Dawn

Done With Too Much Dust!

Cheer up guys, it is being cleared. The monster machines might have killed the little dreams of many people – so little like to earn daily bread and butter for their families. However, I can’t be too judgmental in criminology. Obviously, I can’t comprehend that people are “born offenders”. Duh, it is their choice. If I am doing anything illegal, I should be prepared for the consequences. Oh please, we are in Naya Pakistan, and PPP in Sindh has supported SC while PTI in Federal Govt. just submitted before some protesters. That’s the shot that irritated my throat. Anyways, oh my Empress Market – I am going there every day. Come on, I am not going to buy anything. Just to wander there: To feel the widened road and unjammed traffic. You know what I mean.

Empress Market: From British Raj To Pakistan To Naya Pakistan!

I didn’t mean Naya Pakistan as Naya British Raj, it is just to tell you some information about this building before we move forward with some joyful chit-chat. This beautiful building was erected in 1889 – James Fergusson, the then governor of Bombay, laid the foundation stone and then A. J Attfield company finished the job. You know in British Raj, the lay-back work was the white men’s job while all browns did the sweaty work. That’s happened here as well. A local company of “Mahoomed Niwan and Dulloo Khejoo” were assigned the construction work. Brown men at work to build the building designed by whites – what a combination. Obviously, the outcome had to be terrific. Just like whenever a brown Asian (who can’t get any local women to marry) announces his marriage to a white girl and it shocks everyone. The same happened to this building – it shocked everyone and even Bolton and other markets become the rival and try to match the slender beauty of Empress Market.

Empress Market Encroachment Operation, Empress Market New Look
Courtesy: Pakistani PK

Let’s Tease Out Some Fun Facts Of Empress Market.

I am not trying to make it a textbook analysis, where you get the fun fact slapped in the farthest corner of odd-numbered pages to cheer you up after all the boring stuff. I have already started a bit nerdy, I hope you have been catching up with me. So, concerning the fun facts, read the below points a little diligently – it might scare the hell out of you.

  1. Did you know it had huge doors that were designed in a way that kept flies outside the market, because the main products there were “eh, meat” and “OMG meat”. Perhaps, WTF meat as well, but who cares it was Kolachi, the city of the coast and the main hub of fishermen, one can expect anything.
  2. Let’s omit “did you know” phrase, it is killing me. Perhaps, we should get straight to the fact. It had 4, 46-ft wide galleries that constituted to more than 275 shops.
  3. I love the word “exotic”. I mean when it refers to birds and pets. So, Empress market that offered the best-cut meat also offered living exotic animals that cannot be butchered, like Macaw and Falcons. What? Do you think I sounded brutal? Come on, you eat steaks, don’t you?

Lastly, I wouldn’t call it a fun-fact, rather a ridiculous fact. Did you know that it was ruined drastically? Let me make it clear to you. When you are wearing a great dress and that’s the only one that grooms your personality and to be saved from sun heat, you try to go beneath a tree, and a crow shit ruins your day so patiently. That’s the destruction that we, the locals, did around it. So much illegal crow-shit that ruined the beauty of Empress Market. After the orders of the Supreme Court, the neighboring illegal shops are demolished and Empress Market new look made everyone go speechless for a moment.

Destruction Around Empress Market For Renewing Its Beauty

Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes, destruction is good. Destruction of negative thoughts, destruction of atrocities, destruction of risk, and what else. The destruction of illegal settling by legal encroachment operation from authorities is just a step to restore the beauty of the historical heritage and Empress Market new look is the living evidence of it. Hundreds of illegal shops around it are demolished based on the order of the Supreme Court. The building is washed with chemicals to remove all the dirt it has been suffering from all the past millennial. Well, it just had the baby shower and its glowing. Empress market new look left me speechless, beauty is surely renewed and it left everyone awestruck.

Empress Market Or Another Frere Hall?

Well, these English names for building in Karachi are more burger-like style than Islamabad’s. Earlier, the beauty of Empress market overshadowed other markets of 18th and 19th century. Therefore, the way the modeling of this building is being projected in a picture, Empress market new look is surely going to bitch out the Frere Hall. I am sure, people would watch a movie in Atrium, go to Empress Market for the best meat-cuts and cook steaks back at home and binge watch the favorite TV show. By the way, English is so confusing, the words “beauty” and “modeling” diverted my mental faculties to another subject. It is too dangerous. Well, don’t you believe that Empress market new look would receive more attention than Frere Hall? just look at its cuteness in the animated picture below. I bet you would give in.

Empress Market Encroachment Operation, Empress Market New Look
Courtesy: The News International

Besides, let’s not forget that people did lose their daily work. Some might have lost the only source of earning. In a developing country like Pakistan, where there are no jobs, and beggars and criminals are professional, people working to earn bread and butter is a real blessing. The government should realize that snatching the work from the people can have serious social consequences. Although KMC has promised to provide alternatives to those who were paying rents, it should focus all. Illegal thing is illegal, and no one can defend that, but as a welfare Islamic Republic State, the government should be listening to the cries of the people as well. It is not a bad option to provide them the best alternative so that they can continue to earn without risking their fate to any criminal activity. Poverty is dangerous, and hunger flaunts all the ethics and laws. Overall, Kudos to the government, the beauty of the building is restored and Empress Market new look is the reflection of the initiatives taken by the Supreme Court. Perhaps, restoration of joy to the people crying out of suffering is what the government should decide right now until it is too late.

Anyways, son of a biscuit! Empress Market is back!