E-Challan System In Lahore Is Setting An Example For Other Cities To Follow!

E challan system in Lahore
Courtesy: INCPak

Safe city project was kicked off in Islamabad and then Lahore almost a year ago to avoid traffic rules’ violation and accidents. Major deployments have been done in terms of LTE fiber laying project and installations of high-definition cameras to capture number plates of traffic violating and high-speed cars. Recently, the E-challan system has been officially launched in Lahore by Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) and citizens not only receive E-challans at their addresses but can also download it from the website. Following article will guide the readers regarding E-challan system in Lahore, its operations and how to view them online.

E-Challan System Mechanism

E-challan system in Lahore is backed up by the cameras installed on traffic signals by PSCA and ensures:

  • Traffic rules are followed
  • No trespassing
  • No wrong-way
  • No vehicle on zebra-crossing

Until now, approximately 87,000 E-challans have already been issued since the launch. The total worth of these challans is around 11 million PKR.

E challan system in Lahore
Courtesy: PSCA

How Does E-Challan System Work?

E challan system works by scanning vehicles number plate. The E-challan contains all the photos of the violation, date, time and location. This is the reason all the vehicle owners are instructed to change the number plates according to the format issued by PSCA.

Hard Copy Of E-Challan?

Hard form of E-challan including the photos and other details are posted to the address written on vehicle’s owner name written on vehicles registry. The E-challan is connected with two things:

  • CNIC of the vehicle’s owner
  • Vehicle’s registration number

It is important for all the vehicle owners to update their address and ensure that the vehicle is registered on their names and CNIC.

Website to Download E-Challan

PSCA has also launched a website to smooth out the process for the users.

This website can show the history of the E-challans issued against any vehicle. The user needs to input the Vehicle number and CNIC of the owner. All the basic instructions are written clearly on the website to educate the masses.

E challan system in Lahore
Courtesy: PSCA

It is mandatory to have the ownership transferred especially in case the vehicle isn’t registered in your names or has been bought second hand.

Benefits of E-Challan System

The introduction of E-challan system in Lahore is a step forward towards making the city secure and safe. It is important to educate the citizens in terms of traffic rules and their violations. It is about time to digitalize the existing regulatory systems in Pakistan by implementing E-challans in urban cities. The next step is to introduce E-challan systems in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. Other major steps include heavy fines for drivers without a license and under-aged drivers.