Domestic Violence & Breaking The Silence

violence against women
Courtesy: KNOE

In spite of several advancements and developments in several fields like IT and media, still the society of Pakistan is suffering from several bounds and limitations which becomes are great obstacle in the progression of country. One of this is the violence against women.

It is a well-known fact that various women in various areas of Pakistan are surviving with domestic violence. As our society is patriarchal, mostly men are motivated to show their power and become dominant over women. Along with this, their expectation remains in one point that they never want to bear any kind of misbehavior from women.

Domestic violence is not limited to physical only; it is verbal and psychological too. It is now common that women are taunted and insulted by their husbands and get abused by them too. These types of situations become much more serious from the early time of 2000, as women begin to work outside their home.

However, in some recent times, the government has taken some potential steps to eradicate domestic violence in society. Some time before, government introduces a helpline number, using that women can complain to government officials about the one violating her.

Apart from this, as now women begin to get education, due to this they are now literate and get more aware about their rights that are exclusively against women violation and oppression. Following this term, the rate of domestic violence is now much reduced from the past several years.

Honor killing is another most cruel kind of domestic violence. As its name suggests, it gets done in the name of honor and respect. Mostly, it gets practiced in the rural areas. If a girl is found to have any kind or level of relation with a men not from his family, so she get raped or killed for the protection of honor and dignity of the whole family, without even any potential evidence. People consider such girls as the stain in their family for having relation with men.

This is the practice of several sub-cultures where the people do not know that honor killing comes under the criteria of “attempted murder”.

In anyways it is quite essential to increase the awareness in regard to such issues that Pakistan has taken action against. For increasing such awareness there are several types of movies and documentaries created which also get spread worldwide. Apart from this people has also taken some firm steps for decreasing this domestic violence issue. And after all this awareness, the rate of honor killing in rural areas is now much decreased.

The government also introduced strict punishments for honor killing and such other domestic violence cases. This also reduced the rate of such issues in society.

But still, Pakistan is supposed to have a big number of rape cases every year. We have still observed various cases of sexual harassment and rape in some earlier times. Women are continuously under the subject of violation and this is something we potentially condemn.

Pakistan’s government has taken several strong steps against rapists and violators to lessen the rate of domestic violence and rapes according to the law.

Apart from our government, people and NGO’s have also spread the awareness among Pakistani women to take action against domestic violence. Our religion is based on equality among men and women. According to our religion there is nothing called patriarchal society, men and women have to live equally.

Women are also obliged to break their silence scheme against domestic violence. Just one of their steps can bring change in their lives. After taking action, there would be several people supporting them.