Discounted Independence – A Trend Affecting The Essence of Independence Day

Discounted Independence
What is the meaning of Independence for us? Now it is just discounts because our independence is discounted. We paid the full price, now it is discounted! 20 percent straight off or up-to 40 percent, The choice is yours!

The Glorious Past

The round table conference has failed. Quaid-e-Azam cannot negotiate more for Muslim state within state. Muslims are summoned to sacrifice today for the better tomorrow to facilitate the generations to come. The atrocities can be predicted. The atmosphere is polluted with Hindu-Muslim conflicts. Music seems to be replaced by gun fires. The watery clouds have covered the sky. Some people are waiting for the rain; others are clearing up their nostrils and trying to smell the soil in the air. Sadly, that romance seems expired; the gunpowder replaces the petrichor. People can see their childhood memories in every nook and corner. A man lights up the cigarette and muttered, “I think it’s time to move now.” In the extreme silence in Ali Garh University, the students can hear the enchanting voices, “It’s time to pay the high Price” Suddenly, the news resonated like an unexpected thunder that ignites the whole sky and lights up the whole land, “Pakistan Mubarrak Ho!”. People kept pain in one portion of the heart, held the tears in eyes, and looked forward to rejoicing the milestone eventually achieved. Pain for leaving their birth place full of memories and rejoice to create an enlightened and free tomorrow. Now, they are migrating. The hosts are pouring on to the streets and running towards the station to welcome the immigrants open-heartedly. The train arrives – Everyone cries, “Indeed we paid the price.”

The Horrifying Present

Little did they know that this independence for which they kicked off their acres of land and million-rupee properties, and faced incomparable compromises, consequences, atrocities, and agony; the people will remember this day with “marketing campaigns”. The competition will run on who offers the best deals. People instead of gathering for a productive work would rush to shopping malls. Instead of paying tribute to the uncompromising leaders, they would turn to cinemas to excel the business of the country that continuously treats us inferior till now. No one could have imagined that the price they paid would be compensated with “discounts” and made the independence discounted! The freedom and enlightenment that they sought for would be demised in the young minds. The intellectual setting that they struggled to establish would be ruined. Instead of shopping, why can’t we run productive drives, such as blood donation campaigns, helping poor, visiting the orphanage centers, etc. If you feel that I am sounding too rigid, we both can agree on visiting our national heritages. Why the Free Hall, Quaid-e-Azam House, and other places are vacant on this auspicious day? Why can’t the open theaters be executed to reinforce the meaning of Independence that our forefathers struggled for? Why? Instead of shutting down the colleges, universities, and schools, let’s do something more productive. It is a sad reality that we have so much confined the emphasis of our national days and put aside the values and morals that have been our pride for decades. Independence is not a milestone, it is a journey that keeps on going to an unforeseeable destination. A destination that keeps on devising.

Hopefully the Future!

The enterprises can also run the marketing campaigns in a different pattern – theaters and plays are best option for branding the products and provide an educated venture for the youth. It is a great opportunity to earn, learn, and market. Why are we not focusing on it?

Value your Independence!

It is not a one-day story. Value your independence. It is not a day to check the deals, rather to make the deals of enlightenment and advancement for us, for our upcoming generations. Our forefathers have provided us the independence, it is our responsibility now to preserve it and not degrade it by discounted offers. If not today, then when?