DC Has Turned The Tables Around – With Shazam!

Courtesy: MovieWeb

Oh yes. You have heard it right. After the blockbuster record-breaking Aquaman, DC is now all set to steal a march on Marvel with its latest release Shazam. Last weekend was a clash of titans when the decision was to made between Captain Marvel of Marvel and Shazam of DC. The trailer of Shazam seemed really promising and won the initial vote of 1-0 when compared to that of clichéd Captain Marvel trailer. I had an amazing experience watching Jason Momoa as Aquaman and had really high hopes with Shazam. Did the movie do justice with our expectations? It’s a sky-high yes from my side since it’s a power-packed entertainment package for all the ages.

The main theme of the movie is that a superhero resides inside us and it just requires a little magic to unleash our hidden superpowers. Our life journey and life perceptions are all that determines about whether we are superheroes or villains.

The story revolves around a 14-years old Billy Batson searching for his mother and family is transferred from one foster care to another due to his mischievous and unsettling behavior. One magical moment transformed his life when he can convert to a multi superpowers’ hero by just shouting SHAZAM. And then the roller coaster ride of all the fun and entertainment begins where he and his foster brother are exploring and experimenting with the super-hero powers.

It’s a digital era where everything is in digital form even the existence of a super-hero so SHEZAM became the hot topic of the town because of his viral videos. Little did they know that the publicity invited their enemy Dr. Thaddeus Sivana who wanted to be the most powerful evil person on earth.

Lesson Learned

In the end, it’s the family that matters most. The real power lies in the family bond where all the family members support and love one another. A branch is nothing without a tree and a single person who even owns superpowers won’t be able to save the world alone without his siblings standing together.

Final Verdict

The acting is just superb by the little Billy and elder Shazam with all the excitement and overwhelming life events happening. The script is well-written and executed in a very compact way with not much lingering on. The entire journey of being a super-hero and realizing the responsibilities that come along is picturized in a very effective manner. DC is definitely not coming slow with its latest two chartbuster movies. Let’s see what Marvel has to offer with its most awaited Avengers: End Game.