Results of Daraz 11.11 Sale And Customers Feedback

Daraz 11.11 sale
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The biggest sale of the year is over and now its time to dive into the good experiences and not so good one! Daraz introduced the concept of Black Friday sale in Pakistan and Alibaba’s acquisition of Daraz was thought to be a huge step in the arena of online shopping and Daraz 11.11 sale was thought to exceed all the expectations and leave its mark on the finances of the customers! Did it happen or Daraz failed to impress the audience?

Daraz Acquisition By Alibaba – Bigger Expectations

Pakistan E-commerce industry took a new step towards online shopping after Daraz was acquired by the world’s biggest E-commerce giant Alibaba. Pakistanis have been waiting for Alibaba to enter Pakistan and Daraz acquisition gave the customers a hope of exciting features and upgrades in online shopping. Recently, Daraz has re-launched their app with personalization and customization thus, giving the customers the liberty to update their profile and their interests. The app can feature related products on the basis of the customers’ interest and give exclusive discounts on weekends and on multiple occasions in collaboration with different brands.

Daraz 11.11 sale
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Daraz 11.11 Promotion

Our social media and online news have been flooded with Daraz 11.11 sale and customers were anticipating a grand sale this 11th November. It is interesting to note that Daraz has been one of the pioneers in introducing Black Friday sale in Pakistan and has been holding this sale for the last couple of years. Daraz 11.11 sale ideology has been based on Alibaba’s 11.11 sale concept introduced as an Asian answer to Black Friday sale. For the past few weeks, our social media and YouTube has been flooded with Daraz 11.11 sale advertisement and multiple v-loggers, Instagrammers and bloggers have been recommending Daraz 11.11 sale. Since Alibaba took over Daraz, people have been expecting a better IT infrastructure, app stability, users traffic capacity and website/app response time this time and have been filling up their carts before the sale.

Daraz 11.11 sale
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Daraz Black Friday Past Years’ Performance

Well, it has been known that for the past years, Daraz has been collaborating with multiple brands to give huge discounts on Back Friday to their customers and have tried every year to project customers’ traffic and their experience but every year, their website and app got crashed due to users traffic. Every year, Daraz promised for smooth customers’ experience on Black Friday but their website became irresponsive due to erroneous projection. This year, Daraz 11.11 seemed really promising since it is Alibaba’s signature and established sale. But has Daraz 11.11 sale really stood up for the customers’ expectations and all the hype that it has created? Let’s find out the answer.

Daraz 11.11 sale
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Discounts On Limited Items

According to the recent updates, Daraz 11.11 sale hasn’t really come up to its customers’ expectations due to several reasons. The first reason is obviously due to the limited discount offered on the items. The major sale was available on mobile phone and gadgets. Rest of the sale didn’t offer huge discounts as expected by the customers. This limited sale didn’t attract the attention of customers and it definitely gave a setback to Daraz 11.11 sale.

Daraz Website Crashed Due To High Traffic On 11.11 Sale

This year Daraz website and app crashed again for an hour and became irresponsive multiple times thus disappointing its customers once again. People have been complaining on Twitter and Facebook regarding the crashing of Daraz website. The customers expected an advanced users’ traffic projection and capacity handling after Daraz has been taken over by Alibaba but unfortunately, customers’ experience didn’t get any better.

Daraz 11.11 sale
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Cyber-Attack Affects Online Payments In Pakistan

It is not deniable that recent cyber-attack on Pakistani banks and security breach has given a great set-back to the customers’ trust on using their debit and credit cards for online shopping and has definitely affected Daraz 11.11 sale. The recent attack on Bank Islami and the users’ data breach has shaken the customers confidence in online payments. It’s been a long journey for the E-commerce industry to convince customers to pay online securely via debit/credit cards through various local payment gateways like EasyPay, JazzCash and Keenu but this recent cyber-attack has just white-washed all the effort.

Positive Side Of The Story

Same day, set a new record with $31 billion sales in 24 hours! Alibaba announced on Twitter that just 15 hours and 49 minutes into the spending spree, transactions leapfrogged that of 2017’s tally of $25 billion.

Xiaomi sold its entire stock in 7 minutes – Daraz partnered with Mi Pakistan to bring an exclusive sale on Redmi Note 4 and Amazfit Pace. This partnership broke the record as both products went out of stock in under 7 minutes!

So far, it can be said that Daraz 11.11 sale hasn’t really performed well as per the customers’ expectations due to limited discounts, unplanned users’ traffic and users’ security breach. This has been the most recent results and analysis done for our readers regarding 2018’s Daraz 11.11 sale. We will keep on updating the latest results on Daraz 11.11 and customers’ feedback for our viewers. So, stay tuned.