Mark The Date of “World’s Biggest Sale” In Pakistan – Daraz 11.11 Sale!

Daraz 11.11 sale 2018 World's biggest sale
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Daraz is considered to be Pakistan’s biggest online shopping platform with thousands of brands selling their products on the website. Daraz has recently been acquired by the world’s biggest online store Alibaba this year and has launched a brand new Daraz mobile app with added features and users’ personalization according to shopping history and users’ interest. Daraz is already leading Pakistan E-commerce industry by continuous upgradations, weekend sales and collaborative sales with well-known international brands. Moving on forward to the major surprise planned by Daraz is the upcoming Black Friday sale in November. Daraz is all set to bring “World’s biggest sale” in Pakistan known as Daraz 11.11 sale 2018. This means that sale will be live on 11th of November (11.11) for 24 hours starting from midnight.

Daraz 11.11 sale 2018 World’s biggest sale
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The term has been introduced previously in 2009 by Daraz parent company Alibaba and continuing the legacy, Daraz is launching 11.11 2018 sale for the very first time in Pakistan. Daraz has bagged some international brands like L’Oréal, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, PEL and Mi. Not only this, Daraz has associated with Habib Bank Limited HBL as well to be its financial partner.

The customers are already very excited about shopping on Daraz after its acquisition by Alibaba and expect a personalized and customized experience in 11.11 sale with the brand new Daraz App. The customers are most hyped about the electronic gadgets including mobile phones especially after the possibility of increased tax on mobile phones!

Daraz 11.11 sale 2018 is going to be the mega online sale for the year 2018 and it will elevate the entire E-commerce industry to a whole new level. This is the very reason it is being called “World’s biggest sale”.

The sale is known as Daraz 11.11 sale 2018 and not the western Black Friday sale and there is a reason behind that. Alibaba coined the term 11.11 for 11th of November as an Asian answer to western Black Friday sale. The term was first introduced by Alibaba in 2009 and ever since then, the term is widely popular in Asia. Continuing the legacy of the parent company, Daraz is bringing 11.11 2018 sale for the very first time in Pakistan. Daraz 11.11 2018 sale will set new standards of sale in Pakistan and will completely revamp the concept of online shopping.

How To Make The Most Out Of Daraz 11.11 Sale?

Daraz brought the world’s biggest sale in Pakistan and you can avail the best discounts by following these few simple steps. Be prepared and don’t leave your shopping for the last minute because planning is the key to smart shopping!

  1. Download Daraz app on your mobile.
  2. Daraz is offering mega deals and exclusive launches, add them to your cart.
  3. Collect the vouchers and save them for unmatchable discounts.
  4. Get your card and wallet ready!
  5. As a bonus deal, catch Daraz 11.11 sale 2018 countdown gala to get the chance of winning Rs. 5 million worth of prizes. Countdown gala will be aired on Geo Entertainment on 10th November at 9:00 PM. Save The Date!

History of Daraz

Daraz was founded in 2012 and is considered to be the pioneers in E-commerce industry in Pakistan. Ever since Daraz has been collaborating with multiple brands for online sales on various occasions. Daraz is among the most trusted and secured online platform in Pakistan. In 2018, Daraz has been acquired by Alibaba and now Daraz is employing Alibaba’s E-commerce vision, technology and innovation to bring the best deals for its customers along with the World’s biggest sale.