Creepiest Website To Kill Time This Summer!

Creepiest Website
Courtesy: YouTube

The internet has changed the landscape of the world. It has made life easier and the world smaller. It is like a tiny magic book in your electronic devices that solves all your queries instantly. If you really like an exotic dish, but don’t know the recipe, Google it. If you miss your long lost cousin, connect with them on a social website. If you need household remedies to remove stains or polish furniture, the internet acts like your personal guide to problem-solving.

With all these advantages, come some super disturbing things too. So we have compiled a list of queer, nasty and shocking websites we found on the internet. This list will surely make you go What The Falooda!!

Black Witch Coven

This is a website cum blog. Here you can learn about black magic, spells, hexes and curses. Those who run the blog, claim to be actual witches who practice. They are of the opinion that being a witch, in a lifestyle that requires great understanding and acceptance of the super natural. So if you want your ex back, if you want that big promotion or if you want revenge for getting your heart broken, the black witch coven is the website for you.

Courtesy: Lover of darkness

Voodoo Spells & Spell casting by Doktor Snake

This UK based ‘magic’ artist is supposed to be you pseudo fairy God mother. He has all the spell to make sure you achieve whatever you want. Whether you want to remove a hex, if bind one in the magical spell of love or get a huge promotion or job offer. He helps you solve all your problems with the help of a little magical spells.

The Cannibal Cafe

If you want to be eaten or are willing to eat other people, this website serves as a mutual market place for cannibals. Since cannibalism is forbidden, illegal and frowned upon in most places, this website had been shut down several times, but is keeps popping back up and can easily be found in the deepest and darkest corners of the web.

Happy Eating.


As if things weren’t weird enough. This website is a loading screen. Assuming you have nothing better to do in the whole wide world, you can open this website to k at a loading screen. I will give you a great idea, send the link to friends and see them waste time staring at it.

Creepiest Website
Courtesy: GIFER

Staggering Beauty

A white screen, a black worm with white eyes and a touch sensitive design- yes that’s all there is. This website only has a graphic worm, that moves when you move your mouse and if you shake your mouse vigorously, the screen turns colorful and light flashes, this should not be used by people who have diseases such as migraine or epilepsy that may be trigger by the triggered.

Rate my Poo

This website is vile and sickening. People share pictures of *you know what* and other people rate it out of ten! It’s like Instagram or Snapchat, but for feces!

Plane Crash Recording

Yes, this is exactly what the names states, a website dedicated to keep recordings of the black box of all planes that have crashed. These black boxes contain the fearful screams, shrilling shrieks and final moment forgiveness of all those people in board.

So enjoy the deep dark net, but at your own risk.