Coke Studio Theme Song – A Naz’m Conceiving History

Courtesy: Coke Studio

The coke studio theme song came up at the right time. It was a spot on for encouraging the youth to partake in the elections, I guess.

Inspiring & Inclusive Star Cast

Coke Studio - all inclusive cast

The selection of singers by coke studio for specific lines is what gave me goosebumps. The song starts with chanting and there you go, it’s Ali Azmat. There were two instants, which led me to save the song in my routine playlist. The first when Ataullah Khan showed up and second when Abida Parveen mystically rendered the perfect line, “bus naam rahega Allah Ka”. Abrar and Jawad’s appearance brings back the happiness of 90s. That’s the only thing we the 90s generation are proud of – amazing singers and cheesy songs. In last few minutes, the transgenders sent a clear message as well, “[or raaj karegi khalq-e-Khuda] Jo me bhi hu or tum bhi ho”. Who can resist to sing along after that. I couldn’t, could you?

The Lyricist Who Will Be Remembered Eternally (Thanks to Coke Studio)

Coke studio remembered Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Source: The Muslim Times

The song featured the stars who sang different verses of the historic naz’m penned by the great revolutionary poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. If you ask the people who witnessed the era of 70’s, and 80’s they would tell you how much crazy the people were after the Faiz’s Kalaam. Whether it was Noor Jehan, Iqbal Bano, Mehdi Hassan, Nayara Noor, or Abida Parveen – all legends couldn’t resist the poetry of Faiz. Even in the times of dictatorship, when Faiz’s poetry was banned, these legends carried his flag of protest to every nook and corner. Coke studio did justice to the song and it will be eternally remembered!

From “Mujhse Pehli Si Muhabbat” that Noor Jehan sang with utmost and unmatchable emotions and expressions to “Hum Dekhenge” by Iqbal Bano – Faiz couldn’t be resisted, and people preferred to be silenced later to sing his poetry for once. That’s why his poetry still resonates still resonates, and each time it gets louder, more enchanting, and more appealing.

A Song That Thrilled The Nation

Coke studio gave tribute to Iqbal Bano

The classical version of Iqbal Bano will definitely prove you the fact I am stating here. Singing this nazm in 1985 costed her a great price – she was banned. And, you know what people say right, when you silence a voice, it regains more frequency and echoes. That’s how it has been, and that’s how it will be. This song is no exception. In essence, this song was a protest the dictator rule. This song was the voice against the capitalism. This song was Faiz’s heart, mind, and ideology. Coke studio managed to reflect the essence of the song and it is appreciated by our new generation.

From Marxist Society to Studio of Capitalist World

At that time, Faiz had a clear inclination towards communism. He was among the millions of people who were inspired by the Che Guevara’s call to shatter the capitalism regime. However, it is shocking to see this nazm in a studio sponsored by a corporate company. It is again a call, the thesaurus is the same, but the era is different. Marxism faded away, let’s chant together to mark the end of the capitalist rule. Indeed, “Hum Dekhenge”

After last two seasons, this theme song is a blissful fortune. However, one thing left me curious, ‘why Rahat Fateh Ali Khan” is not performing this coke studio season? The song set the expectation bar high and the first episode did not disappoint at all!