Coke Studio Episode 1: A Roller – Coaster Ride of Emotions

The episode 1 of Coke Studio released a few days back. It was quick, wasn’t it? My YouTube notification filled with four marvels; one after another. The Coke Studio team should be caring for the extreme passionate pool of its fans, because such frequent move can be dangerous.

1. Shikwa, Jawab-e-Shikwa. (Coke Studio’s Exceptional Start!)

Coke Studio - Shikwa
Courtesy: Coke Studio
After “Hum Dekehnge”, one could have expected the upcoming song selection. Obviously, it had to be again a remarkable poetry. The electric guitar at the start followed by the modern rock music, it deserves to be #1 on Trending in Pakistan and persisting for days. The strong yet controlled voice of Natasha stood out at peace and didn’t back out from the music. Her high scales ran waves of chills all over the body. The mastery of control that she has over her voice can be observed in the first transition of the song. The impact of the lyrics is inevitable, who can sit back without appraising the Iqbal’s poetry. The song is a mesmerizing roller-coaster that drives you crazy through highs and lows. And, when it translates to qawwali genre, you would reach heaven on earth, my friend. The passionate shikwa from Natasha Baig to the captivating Jawab-e-Shikwa by Fareed Ayaz and others deserves a standing ovation.

2. Rap Hai Saara

Coke Studio - Rap Hai Sara
Courtesy: Coke Studio
Whenever there is Rap in Pakistani music industry, the credit goes to the initiator Bohemia. LUG and Young Desi would keep you engaged and let you count the beats until you reach the chorus, “Rap Hai Saara Rap”. Although the Balochi lyrics are not understandable for those who are not acquainted with this language, but who cares? As long as we can sing along the chorus, enjoy the music, and rejoice with the young talent, there is nothing else left. The utilization of different languages in the lyrics like Urdu, English, and Punjabi makes this song almost a “Pakistani Rap Song”. The music, rhyming lyrics, and beats are so captivating that it will leave you starving for more.

3. Mai Iraada

Coke Studio - Main Irada
Courtesy: Coke Studio
A song that resonates the ideology of women empowerment and relates women with strong metaphors. A must needed song for today. The western style of singing from Haniya and Rachel is the perfect match for the lyrics. Although Haniya appeared first time on this platform, but she convinced everyone and proved her guts by saying, “In Qadmo me jo dam hay, hosla kya kum hai”. Who would leave un-thrilled by the high notes and passionate yet controlled singing of Rachel. The transition from western to the classical is what I would say a complete earbuds’ hypnosis. The unrestrained pitch-perfect voice of Shamu Bai (the girl from Coke Studio Explorer) marks the completion of this song. Besides, the sweet voice from mountains, Ariana and Amrina, marked the resolution with “Parek” (Let’s go) by their chirpy chants. However, I would like to see Shamu Bai with Vishnu – an unmatchable duo. Let’s hope for that in the coming episodes.

4. Baalkada

Coke Studio - Baalkada
Courtesy: Coke Studio
It is exciting to see transgenders in our music industry. For long they have singing in marriage ceremonies and functions, it is good to see that Coke Studio observed that they too have talent and deserve to be appreciated. So, they persisted with their traditional style of singing and presented a complete rocking marriage-song. The humorous lyrics and the way they sang marks their signature-style. On the other hand, Jimmy Khan totally came out of his safe-zone and tried the different genre. However, it proves him a truly versatile singer. Along the humor, there is a deep line that they sang with so much grace. If you have a sensitive heart, it will leave you to appreciate the struggle and grievance the transgenders go through in their lifespan.
“Me Paaida Hoi, Han Ji” (I was born, Yes!) “Mennu gharon kadeya, Han Ji” (I got kicked out of the house) “Lookan barra sataya” (People were awful to me) “Aina bara rowaya” (They made me cry) “Mein has ke gawaya” (I went through it laughing)
After Naghma completes this story, the Lucky goes with another strong message – a message that requires our encouragement as a society. “Hun na me chupdi … Me Ud’di jawan” (Now, I won’t hide… I’m soaring) Overall, this episode was a true reflection of the Coke Studio promising signature message, “One Nation, One Spirit, One Sound”. Totally excited to see the next episodes, and what are the up for? Knowing the artists in this season, it will be truly an amazing journey. What do you say?