Cloudflare Launching Three New Data Centers Across Pakistan!

Experience Blazing Internet Speed with Cloudflare Launching Three New Data Centers Across Pakistan
Courtesy: Pakistani PC

Internet users across Pakistan are about to experience a big boost to their internet connection with Cloudflare launching three new data centers in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

Cloudflare is one of the one of the world’s most prominent Content Delivery Network and domain security provider. The company claims to host over 12 billion domains on its network that represent about half a billion Internet users. The CDN has data centers in 165 cities across the world. Pakistani cities have recently been added to its network along with seven other cities in the United States, Bahrain, Russia, and Vietnam.

Whenever you visit a website, you send the request to the website host. Now the more the distance between client and host, the slower it will load the web page. So with Cloudflare, your request is sent to nearest Cloudflare server and then Cloudflare sends the request to the web host. Hence providing faster browsing.

So now as for Pakistan, you might be noticing improvements in browsing speed, lower latency/ping in games from past days. Well, it’s because of Cloudflare as they recently launched data centers in the most populated areas of Pakistan i.e. Lahore and Karachi, alongside an additional data center in the capital city Islamabad. You can already see latency per request decrease by over 3x and as much as 150ms.  This means that your favorite websites will open up faster than ever, for the people who play online games like a fortnight and others will surely feel the difference in online lag. Cloudflare said that these numbers are expected to improve more as they are tuning and routing for their customers.

As the company is still tuning and routing for their customers, they are saying that people will notice a faster browsing experience and have more enjoyment. With the launch of three new data centers in Pakistan, there is an indication that more tech-giants may follow the footsteps very soon. Chinese tech company Alibaba Group has also recently tapped Pakistan’s e-commerce potential by acquiring a leading online shopping website along with 45% stakes in Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited. During the first week of December this year, Simon Milner, Vice President of Public Policy, Facebook Singapore has also met the prime minister to discuss investment opportunities in Pakistan