Chinese Are Trying To Promote Digital Culture In Pakistan

Chinese Trying To Promote Digital Culture In Pakistan
Courtesy: Dailylife PK

A Chinese company is investing $300 million in Pakistan for promoting digital culture among the youth of Pakistan.

There is nothing more about it; the absolute thing is China’s commitment to take Pakistan to a much better pace for technology and innovations. Definitely, it is something possible to argue long about the friendliest neighbor Pakistan have. Actually, china is our true motive. But the fact which is still constant is that is has hitherto helped Pakistan a lot by introducing capital and host of several required services of technology, along with more planning for increasing the economy of Pakistan.

In fact, now a Chinese company is working to foster digital culture in Pakistan by introducing abundance of IT-based projects.

Timesaco a Chinese company gives news a few days before about their plan to invest almost $300 million in Pakistan in the field of technology. Now it is a headed to accomplish the grand vision of empowering the Pakistani youth digitally.

The CEO of Timesaco Donald Li acclaimed on an interview in Sunday that, they are willing to train the local youth and also beginning the capacity building scheme for Pakistan to make them capable with all the advanced technologies in services sector. He further explained that his company had planned to attain this by developing millions of opportunities and jobs for the youth of Pakistan through the platform called e-commerce. It will get implemented in six major cities of Pakistan. The CEO of company was quite confident about enabling opportunities for the youth for online business will be a crucial step for the improvement of their lives accompanied with the contribution to society.

As the youth of Pakistan is boomed and acquires the population of more than 100 million, in this regard Li has an instinct that the landscape of Pakistan is accurate for expanded level success in the sector of technology.

Accordingly, Timesaco has not been fearful about investing such huge amount in Pakistan and developing several digital products accessible to local market, for instance; Buraq taxi service, Fema instant delivery service, and a City Freight service.

These digital services will get implemented in the city Karachi, Lahore, Faislabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar for now. Moreover the CEO claims that his company is also having intention to expand these services to the rural areas too in the next phase. In next phase he is intended to provide skills and opportunities to the youth of rural side in their own region.

He further said that he wants to encourage the progress of people in Pakistan, which will get done by presenting an annual list of the 100 most accomplished people of the country along with highlighting their efforts.

China has always proved to be the best friend of Pakistan. In all the difficult situations he was the most potential supporting hand Pakistan always has. Now China is having part in almost all the sectors of Pakistan, whether its education, trade, e-commerce or technology.