sadaf kanwal, anam malik, and Alee Hassan depiction of women

Alee Hassan, Sadaf Kanwal, And Anam Malik Are Facing Severe Backlash Over This Photo!

I look at the picture of Sadaf Kanwal and Anam Malik, I kept staring. Not because I wanted to, my mind was trapped. I...
homeless people in Pakistan, food and shelter for homeless

Government Has Announced To Provide Food And Shelter To The Homeless!

According to the UNDP report, 4 out of 10 Pakistanis live in poverty! This indeed is a very sad and a miserable news because...
Salman Sufi receives Mother Teresa Award

Salman Sufi Receives Mother Teresa Award In Mumbai

Salman Sufi is recognized globally for being the international public policy and gender reforms specialist and has received one of the noblest awards of...
Child abuse by intellects

Promoting Anger Among Children Is So Not Okay!

Earlier, I saw some videos of the Pathan kid, Ahmed, where he sounded so cute every time he shouted, “Oyeeee.” Wasn’t that cute? Perhaps,...
Total Startupper of the Year

Total Launches ‘Startupper of the Year’ Challenge For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are early startup owner or an entrepreneur with less than 2 years of experience and looking for some financial aid, then we...
Sharmeen Obaid’s documentary focused on Domestic Violence In Pakistan

Sharmeen Obaid’s Documentary Focused on Domestic Violence In Pakistan

Known for winning an Oscar, Sharmeen Obaid does it again! She has made a documentary focused on the issue of domestic violence in Pakistan....

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