CAIE Results Are Here And Is It The End Of The World?

CAIE Results Are Here And Is It The End Of The World?
Courtesy: British Council

How unfortunate it is for some students that their Board and CAIE results had to coincide with the joyous holidays of Eid and Pakistan’s Independence Day. Every person in their life has to go through this phase and this year was no different. While some people were happy with what they received, others not so much. For the latter, does that mean everything ends here?

For those who scored good in CAIE results, congratulations. It is amazing that you have achieved this and your parents and other loved ones but mostly important you as in yourself must be so proud of what you have achieved. This means that you will get to go to the University of your choice. It also means that since you scored well, you’ll have this motivation in yourself to score well again. Well then, go for it but there might be times which are rough. When such times occur, don’t give up and instead face it and try to challenge those rough times. You have it in you. You will get through those rough times as well.

For those of you who did not scored well in CAIE results, does it mean everything ends here? Absolutely not. Good and bad things happen in everyone’s lives and this bad phase shall pass too. You have the chance to score again so work hard and just go for it. This is the opening of many doors for you as well. You will learn that while obviously marks and grades do matter they are not everything. Life has great things in store for you. You will turn out just fine. Take it from popular British TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson (The Grand Tour and Top Gear) himself. He got 1 C and 2 Us in his A-Levels. His tweets have been nothing but a source of encouragement for the students who didn’t do well. He reminds them of his poor A-Level results and then tells them that he’s choosing between expensive cars, staying at an expensive hotel or having lavish food. He posts this tweet everywhere and adds about how successful he is. According to Manchester Evening News, his estimated fortune is £30 million. If that is not encouragement for you students then I don’t know what is. The point is you should not feel bad about it as it’s not the end of the world and you are destined to do great things in life.

As for the parents, if your child did well congratulations and if not there’s no need to feel bad about that either. For parents whose child did well, you should be proud of what they achieved and it is okay to mention how they scored to others but please refrain from doing it in a tone which belittles someone else. For parents whose child didn’t do well, it is understandable that you are upset but please don’t be hard on your child. They’re looking for your encouragement and support because they feel just as bad in fact even more so do not push them in any way.

Most importantly let your children pursue their dreams. Do not try to see yourselves in them. They are different than you and let them do what they want to do. If it is something in their interest, they will excel at it be it a doctor, engineer, journalist, actor or a photographer. Your child is meant for great things so let them pursue their dream and enjoy their life.