Nabeel Chishty is back with ‘Burq’ – Get ready to be over-charged!

Yes! You heard that right. Nabeel Nihal Chishty, one of the greatest guitar icons of Pakistan, is back to music after more than a decade. Nabeel, the former lead guitarist and founding member of Aaroh, is coming back with a new rock band named “Burq”, with Haris Dio Smith on vocals and Fawad Yakoob on guitars. 

Burq is all to set to launch the video of their debut song “Haiwaano Ki Bastee” this month and I am already in love with it! Let’s first dive into the musical journey of Burq, then check out the teaser of the new song and I bet you don’t want to miss that 30 seconds piece of a great rock composition!

Burq – The Band

Owing to their similar interests, Nabeel Chishti collaborated with Harris Dio Smith, Dubai’s Rock Sensation, and was later joined by Nabeel’s old time friend and a fan from his Aaroh years Fawad Yakoob resulting in the evolution of an all new rock band called Burq.

Nabeel Nihal Chishty was the founding member of Aaroh, and is one of the most prominent names in Pakistan’s music industry. Aaroh were the winners of the first Pepsi Battle of the Bands back in 2002. As the rock music in Pakistan witnessed its peak during those years, Nabeel Chishty was undoubtedly considered among the top lead guitarists in Pakistan, and is still a source of inspiration to many young musicians in the country.

Muhammad Haris Zindani aka “Dio” or by the moniker “Harris Dio Smith” internationally. He was the only international artist who made it to the finals of a reality show in the Philippines called “I Love OPM”.

Fawad Yakoob A multi-talented musician, an IT expert by profession, who is inspired by the digital world in creating unique music.

“We all came from musically inclined childhood up to reaching a professional stage. Hence getting to know each other and having common interests and taste in music got us all together as a whole!”, Burq told us about the formation of the band.

“We believe it’s best to communicate your message using the language you know best and music is a language that has no boundaries and connects everyone instantly regardless of who they are, where they coming from.” 

The Mystery Of The Name!

The name Burq itself is a mystery and the band claims that they are overcharged with a million thoughts coming to them every day and they believe this charge of thoughts needs to be transferred to the people around them.

Music Scenario Of Pakistan!

We are a musical country. From train to roads to high-tech stages, you can find music everywhere and this emotion is shared by the Burq band while talking to StreetBuzz.

We are no experts to tell whether it needs expansion after having so many great bands being produced and making history in their own respective way. And from what we’ve believed in and known so far, Pakistan rock scene is pretty wide and rich, might just need a little marketing strategy for local& international recognition and taking it another step forward to where it truly belongs.

Their Inspiration!

Their music is inspired from Western and Eastern classics to world music. Basically, anything fits in. It’s a mix of everything! Burq band has a strong belief that great music doesn’t belong to a specific genre. One can get musical inspiration even from a busy street. 

While talking to StreetBuzz, Burq shared about their inspiration of music and their favorite contemporary bands. 

“The inspiration comes more from our real life experiences and scenarios both lyrically and musically. But Sometimes form our very own little world full of fantasies too hahaha! We would rather leave it to our listeners to make a judgment on that one!”

“Haiwaano Ki Bastee”

Music has no boundaries, limitations though, as Burq band got a wide range of songs in different genres with each song having its own unique approach, but the debut single Haiwaano Ki Bastee in particular is more of a rock driven audience’ tune, hence that cult rock following in Pakistan might connect instantly with that song.

Let’s enjoy the teaser!

Ghabrana Nahi Hay!

When asked about a message to the listeners and fans, Burq responded in a truly meaningful style.

“We want them to feel the message embedded within the lyrics and melodies of our songs. Every piece of art starts with just a simple idea and everything around it just compliments that very simple yet strong idea.”

“Keep believing in yourselves, and keep making Pakistan’s music scene alive…  Ghabrana nahi hai!
A message from Burq to the aspiring musicians out there!

All in all, Burq is a brand new addition in the music world! It is here to inspire and the burq song is bound to leave an impact on the audience. We are eagerly hoping to enjoy the music created by these guys!