Blasphemous Cartoon Contest Cancelled! The Credit Goes To…

Blasphemous Cartoon Contest Cancelled by Dutch Lawmaker And The Credit Goes To

In the latest update about the blasphemous cartoon contest, the protest and the unity of Muslim Umma’h was fruitful! The contest is cancelled by Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders. The cartoon contest is announced annually and it hurt the sentiments of Muslims all across the globe.

Pakistanis are no doubt excited about the news but now the nation is divided over the credit of this cancellation. The response of the new government was an impressive as the issue was raised on important platforms.

The newly elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan showed a strong stance on the issues and its impact on the Muslim nation.

Pakistan government has already reached out to multiple countries of the OIC in order to present this issue of massive disrespect to Islam at the hands of a few individuals who are anti religion, and who try and rile up Western masses under the guise of “freedom of expression”.

Due to Pakistan’s Protest Dutch Lawmaker Cancelled the Blasphemous Cartoon Contest!

International media is giving the credit to the response of Pakistani government and PTI followers can’t be happier about it! After the accusation of 55 rupee ride in the helicopter, rants of Aamir Liaquat, and the over the negligence accusation of Karachi, this is a positive initiation taken by the PTI government.

Fawad Chaudary is stating that the victory crown goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan and the protest of the contest by Pakistani government. While the protest call of Khadim Hussain Rizvi in response to blasphemous cartoon contest is also cancelled!

Reaction to the Announcement of Cancellation!

Even though the public is excited about the cancellation of the contest, there is another debate. As we like creating drama, we are fighting over whom to give the credits for this achievement.  Here are the tweets expressing the emotions of our population!

We don’t care who cancelled the contest! It is cancelled and we are happy about it. Let’s celebrate this victory and say that it was a cumulative effort. We, as Muslims, stand united on a single platform, and that platform is ISLAM!