These Restaurants Are Serving The Yummiest Keto Food Recipes!

Keto friendly places in Karachi
Courtesy: The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Until sometime back, the concept of dieting entailed eating bland food or starving one’s self or not eating out at all. The new diet fad that has emerged as of recent in Karachi helps you lose weight but in a fun and tasty manner. The success of Ketogenic or Keto diet has made many people turn towards it and choose Keto, not just as a diet, but as a lifestyle.  Following the success of the ‘Keto Revolution’ in Karachi, many eateries are now serving Keto friendly food. We have tried them all out and compiled a list of Keto friendly places in Karachi for the next time you plan to eat out.

Keto friendly places in Karachi
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Chop Chop Wok

Known for is Pan Asian cuisine and fried ice cream, Chop Chop Wok has become everyone’s favorite in recent years. Chop Chop Wok is also offering a ‘Fit’ menu for health conscious people. In the Fit menu, the nutritional values are estimated by calculating the ingredients used in the portions and are mentioned clearly so that those following Keto diet can calculate the intake of their macros. The specially designed Fit menu is great for weight watchers with calories count over it so one can easily decide what to order. The food is amazing and consistent in taste.

Keto friendly places in Karachi
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Neco’s- Natural Store Cafe

Located in one of the posh areas of Karachi, Neco’s has always been about healthy food. From their home made butter, to the wonderful organic store in the basement; everything screams healthy. Only organic ingredients are use to cook the food.  They are a vast menu ranging from soups and salads to desi food. The menu is specifically designed for health conscious people. They have a separate breakfast, appetizer and main course menu for those who are in ketogenic diet. The best part; they also have keto friendly deserts. As long as you keep a check on your macros, this is the best place to eat out if you are following keto or just eating healthy. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, Neco’s offers premium organic food and products in a relaxing environment.

Keto friendly places in Karachi
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Fit Bite

Each meal has clear mention of the calorie count which makes keeping track of macros very easy and makes it one of the top Keto friendly places in Karachi. They deliver to freshly made meals to the comfort of your home. The menu includes appetizers, main courses and desserts. The food is well balanced when it comes to nutrients, tasty and very affordable.

Keto friendly places in Karachi
Courtesy: Fitbite

The Pantry

The pantry doesn’t have a specifically designed menu for keto, but there are many items on their menu that are keto friendly. If you know how to control the intake of your macros well, then this is the best place to eat good food and to unwind. The atmosphere is refreshing, the décor is soothing and the food is delicious. Some keto friendly items on the menu include the Greek omlette, chicken with cashew nuts lettuce wrap, granola and Muesli and Yogurt Parfait.

Keto friendly places in Karachi
Courtesy: Pantry – Facebook

Now eating healthy food out is possible with this list of keto friendly places in Karachi. If you are on a diet, you don’t have to miss your best friend’s birthday, or celebrating the promotion at work, just opt for a place that serves healthy yet delicious food. These eateries have changed the landscape of dieting. No more bland and boring meals enjoy delicious food while continuing your diet.

Happy Eating (Out)!!