Bayaan’s 4 Saal – A Promising EP!

4 Saal by Bayaan
Courtesy: Spotify

Just about a year ago, Bayaan had won the title of Pepsi Battle of the Bands in its third edition. From there onwards, there has been nothing but high roads for the band. Bayaan is certainly not new to the music industry. They were formed on the set of Nescafe Basement in its first season and have appeared in Levi’s Live Sessions. However, it was Pepsi Battle of the Bands in which the band deservingly found a larger audience. They released their EP 4 Saal this February

4 Saal is quite a promising debut from Bayaan. Their EP is nothing short of perfection. It delivers a strong wave of nostalgia for those who had been fans of the band prior to their mainstream success as well as for the fans that discovered them after they became a mainstream band. 4 Saal contains already released tracks from the band.

The first song from the EP is 4 Saal which makes sense because it is the band’s debut song. It starts as a mellow track and then gradually becomes heavier and darker. The song gives off the vibes of a horror film and certainly in a good way.

Second on the list is Farda, my personal favorite. This is the same song that led the band through the auditions stage in Pepsi Battle of the Bands. It is more than that, however. There is a wonderful meaning behind this track and it is about discovering hope even if you are not at your very best.

Din Dhalay comes up on third. It is quite a dark song. This song can be considered perfect for an action or a thriller series or a film. It was quite a smart decision by the creators behind the ARY Digital thriller drama Hania to choose this as its OST. It fits in there perfectly.

The fourth song on the list is Khel Tamasha. One thing you need to appreciate here is how strong the band is with their lyrics. This is not just exclusive to Khel Tamasha but every song on the EP. The song seems something out of a Ray Bradbury story and its music video reflects that and does absolute justice to the song.

The last but not least is Hum Nadaan which comes fifth on the EP. This song is about loving one another and removing hatred from our minds. Hum Nadaan reflects a hugely poetic tone and to make it a concluding song for the EP is quite a wise decision.

There is nothing about 4 Saal that seems less or more, it is completely perfect. This is an amazing EP and it is a must have. Bayaan consists of Asfar Hussain on vocals, Shahrukh Aslam on guitars, Muqueet Shahzad on guitars, Haider Abbas on bass and Mansoor Lashari on drums and percussions. 4 Saal was released on February 1 this year by Rearts Records and is available digitally on Deezer, JioSaavn, Apple Music and Spotify.