Imran Khan Put A Ban On Ministers’ Medical Treatment From Abroad!

Ban on treatment in abroad, minister should get medical and healthcare services in Pakistan
Courtesy: The Financial Daily

How many times you have heard a minister saying Pakistan has the best and advanced treatment options? Yeah, too many times to remember right! Pakistani ministers claim that our country has the best medical services but in case of even minor health issues, they fly to other countries for their treatment and of course, the visit is paid by the government (IRONIC). And yes we are not talking about health issues (especially heart diseases) that are directly related to the NAB investigations! Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to change this scenario and in the latest development, he put a ban on treatment in abroad for cabinet members, ministers, and top officials.

The Formula Used To Destroy Healthcare In Pakistan

The previous governments worked on a specific formula and here I am going to debunk it for you.

  1. Destroy the health institute with mismanaging the task and operations
  2. Appoint your close relatives as the staff members
  3. Scream on top of your lungs that funds are required to improve the condition of the institutes
  4. When you get the funds, its all yours to spend so PARTY HARD!
  5. If there is an investigator probing the corruption, fake heart disease and fly to your backup place.
  6. In case you actually require medical attention, go to other countries because your health is too precious to risk!
  7. Don’t ever think about the people who don’t have a choice other than waiting for their turn in hospitals while they are taking their last breath

Nawaz Sharif’s example is right in front of us as he covered this checklist properly. Why do our ministers prefer going abroad for their medical check-ups and treatments? The answer is other countries focus on healthcare so they have advanced medical options. Our patriotic ministers and high officials, rather than focusing on the development of the healthcare field takes the convenient option of getting the best treatment out of the country.

Ban On VIP Culture In Healthcare

This VIP culture in healthcare has been addressed by PM Imran Khan as he put a ban on treatment in abroad for ministers and government official. It is an amazing initiative that will further lead towards improving the health services in Pakistan.

Ban on treatment in abroad, minister should get medical and healthcare services in Pakistan
Courtesy: Pakistan Today

This decision was taken in the cabinet meeting where it was highlighted and criticized that all of the ministers, cabinet members, assistant, and advisors go abroad to get the medical attention. The main issue concerning the matter is the fact that the government expenses are used for the traveling so it is an ideal solution to put a ban on treatment in abroad so the ministers take the dire situation of healthcare in Pakistan seriously. If our ministers and their families have to go through what a common man faces every day, they will take the issue seriously and try to solve it in a proactive manner.

This ban on treatment in abroad was highlighted by the PM while he was running his general election campaign and we can say that our Prime minister is keeping the promises he made during the election campaign. Imran Khan knows about healthcare and hospitals as Shaukat Khanam is the living example of it. Imran Khan stressed that equal care is the right of every citizen and minister and high official should be the recipient of the same medical strategies that are available to any citizen of Pakistan.

The Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary had also made a similar announcement.

“It needs to be made sure by the government that the medical facilities within the country are improved so that people from abroad come to Pakistan for treatments. For this reason, Imran Khan has not only banned overseas medical treatment for ministers but in addition to that, he will also take further steps to control the excessive number of vehicles in the government offices.”

He also stated that the government will thoroughly examine the statistics and figures related to the release of the funds to cut the costs that are spent on unwanted facilities thus disapproving the VIP culture.

Let’s hope that this change will benefit the population of Pakistan and make out politician and ministers understand our basic needs.