Yusra Hussain

Yusra Hussain
Yusra is an 18-year-old millennial working in the field of content/story writing since the past 4 years. She will identify as a sloth who travels through the world of offensive memes at day time and by night she is a dedicated writer who manages to sneak her passion into her profession. Dealing with the trauma of her mother’s passing, she manages to write her heart out on a paper or Microsoft word. Starting off with writing to earn, she has gone through a long journey filled with much rejections, scams, and fewer praises. Learned from much and cried on few, now she is standing high to provide quality and engaging content to the readers of her content. Moreover, she is a pakora lover and she hates body shaming, always wanted to start YouTube but meh, again, too lazy. In the end, her journey will make a statement that you don’t need to have a hefty and luxury setup such as a laptop or desktop to start writing, you just need a register, pen, and word on your cellphone to achieve your dreams. Also! Don’t forget Grammarly because too many grammar gurus out there.
Taliban - Imran Khan

Taliban Wants PM Imran Khan To Invite Them To Pakistan!

After the recent successful visit of President Imran Khan to the USA, the relations between Pakistan and USA are seen to move on a...

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