Ramsha Hussain

Ramsha Hussain
A Pharmacist turned Writer - Ramsha wants to learn everything and she wants to dive into the depth of words! She is opinionated with a thirst for knowledge.
Anushka Sharma memes are being enjoyed by everyone!

Anushka Sharma Memes Are Getting Out Of Hand Now!

Internet is a cruel yet funny place. It can turn stars into memes and vice versa in milliseconds. August should be declared as the...
trolled on social media for defending Nawaz Sharif

Saleem Safi Is Getting Trolled AND We Are Low-Key Enjoying It!

Saleem Safi is a Pakistani journalist, anchorperson mainly known for his appearance in TV talk shows related to current affairs. Few days...
I came as a friend - Navjor Singh Sidhu

Sidhu Is Being Bashed By His Own People!

Sidhu was enjoying the ceremony, everything was going well, Pakistanis were excited, there was almost no reaction across the border, later on the...
Healthy Weight Loss

5 Common Things That Lead To Healthy Weight Loss

Who does not want to smile while standing on weighing scale? It’s something that happens really very rare. Either people feel bad...

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