Ramsha Hussain

Ramsha Hussain
A Pharmacist turned Writer - Ramsha wants to learn everything and she wants to dive into the depth of words! She is opinionated with a thirst for knowledge.
The Reporter Should Apologize To Qamar Zaman Kaira!

A Father Doesn’t Deserve To Hear The News Of His Son’s Demise From Reporters!

With each news and headlines, I wonder why and how we stooped this low. What are the circumstances the led our reporter to be...
Pakistani healthcare system, poor healthcare in Pakistan

Deteriorating Health Status- Treatment Of These Diseases Is Still Not Available In Pakistan

We don’t mean to depress you with the disturbing statistics about the Pakistani healthcare system but it is what it is! And yes, let’s...
Be Like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi With These Traits!

Traits To Have A Significant Name In The Business World Like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi

Every small business owner must try to bring effective action of skills and traits in order to keep business in working. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi...
Prime Minister Imran Khan's Watch

PM Khan Donates Rs 16.5 Million Wristwatch Gifted By Muhammad Bin Salman!

Remember the PTI’s drive to cut expenses? Well, it seems that Prime Minister Imran Khan is still following it. Our beloved Prime Minister set...
Samsung Galaxy F Phone, Samsung Galaxy X,

Samsung Galaxy F Phone – Are You Ready For A Foldable Phone?

Samsung is one of the pioneer smartphone brands that have produced some of the most outstanding products! Samsung products attracted the consumers by fulfilling...
Oppo R15X specification

Capture Your Perfect Moment With Oppo R15x Dual Rear Camera!

Oppo caused a remarkable stir in the mobile industry by mimicking the feature of expensive phones and allowing the consumer to get the same...
Koko korina - Coke studio

Koko Korina By Momina And Ahad Is Named As “The Rona Of Coke Studio”

Ladies and Gentlemen! Fasten your seatbelts or should I say cover your ear because we are going to talk about the “Rona” of Coke...

Here Is How You Can Control High Blood Pressure Naturally!

The statistics of the high blood pressure are not so appealing and it is feared worldwide that it will keep on increasing if the...
Keto Diet

Nutritionists Claim That Keto Diet Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Naturally!

Ketogenic diet also known as keto diet is well known for being a type of diet in which a person takes high fats, adequate...
Quit smoking

How To Quit Smoking In 2 Week?

Did you know that smoking was also banned by one of the most renowned and despised leader? Pst! Hitler. I didn’t know about that...

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