Rabia Nadir

Rabia Nadir
"A realist who got most of her vocabulary from romantic novels. Also a writer at Dawn Young World"
dress - judging other

Is Our Society All About Usne Kya Pehna Hua Tha?

We move in a society where a lot of people judge by the way you dress. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but it...

Trends That We Are Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

When you say fashion, 1) I picture some Kardashians promptly. 2) Then I nail down to the ‘exact’ Kardashian. For those who have been living...
Nabila And The Controversy Of Blackface!

Nabila Needs To Know About The Difference Between ‘Embracing Your Skin’ & Cultural Misappropriation!

It’s about time, Pakistanis waged a skin tone war yet again. The same topic, different platforms over again. Let it be the aunty next...

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