Nimrah Farooq

Nimrah Farooq is an pharmacist by profession. She has worked with the top pharma companies in Pakistan including Biogenics & Sanofi-Aventis. She is a fitness freak and her articles are based on her expert advice as a healthcare professional.

Coconut Oil Is Called “Pure Poison” And WHAT!!!!

Coconut oil is being used for thousands of years. Among tropical culture, its tree is called “tree of life” as each and...
Eid 2018

Eid-Ul-Adha – Why Not Go For An Eco Friendly One?

Eid-ul-Adha also called the festival of sacrifice is one of the most important religious festivals in Muslim's Calendar.  Muslim celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm...
Yes, There Is A Thing Known As Indoor Air Pollution!

Yes, There Is A Thing Known As Indoor Air Pollution!

When it comes to air pollution, we usually think of air outside the home or office. This is not the case every time, you...
Basil Seeds- A Gift From Nature

Basil Seeds- A Gift From Nature And A Blessing in Disguise

While enjoying faluda in scorching summers of Pakistan, we often find, tiny, black, gelatinous seeds floating in the bottom of the cup. These small...
Are Sauna Bad For You

Are Sauna Bad For You? The Answer is “NO”

The answer is a big NO. Never. Sauna can never ever be bad for you (except certain conditions). They are the easiest...

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