Dr. Nazia Tabassum

Kratom Tops The List Of 5 Most Effective Natural Herbs For Pain Management!

5 Natural Herbs For Pain – Kratom Top The List!

Pain - the feeling of helplessness when you think it is better to die and just get done with it! Pain is one of...
Nida Yasir VS Conversation With Kanwal, Really?

Nida Yasir Just Bashed Conversation With Kanwal And It Backfired Massively!

If there is something that pisses me off as a viewer, it is Pakistani Morning Shows.. Yes, I have finally said that.. Don’t get...
LSA 2019

LSA 2019 – A Night To Remember: Who Won What?

Lux Style Awards 2019 was a star-studded event. A night of achievements where our favorite stars received awards for this yearly achievements. It was...
Summer Tips

10 Summer Tips You Need To Survive This Heat!

Summer is here and it’s time to start getting ready for long days, hot weather and new menus. Being on top of your health...
Creepiest Website

Creepiest Website To Kill Time This Summer!

The internet has changed the landscape of the world. It has made life easier and the world smaller. It is like a tiny magic...
Sweat-Proof Your Makeup This Summer!

Sweat-Proof Your Makeup This Summer!

Summer is full of wonderful things but melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. Don’t worry, the good news is...
How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

Making driving license in Pakistan could be very easy and hectic at the same time because it all depends on the driver who wishes...
Imran Farooq

Eight Years On, No Justice For Imran Farooq!

Even after eight years, the family of Imran Farooq is denied justice. Justice delayed is justice denied; Farooq family still awaits justice. Eight years ago,...
How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan?

Not that many people take online earning seriously and consider it a joke which is not true. There are many ways that could be...
Motivate your children

Keep Your Child Motivated With These 6 Techniques!

For a child to bloom and blossom, having high self-esteem is very important. If a child doubts himself or herself, then this will have...

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