Mina Jahangir

Mina Jahangir
A political science student, travel enthusiast, an obsessive writer, and a budding photographer, Mina lives to undertake experiences that inspire her and fuel her passion for life. She is constantly striving to improve her understanding of politics and defense systems while rejoicing the cultural richness and natural beauty of her country. Aside from her political ramblings, she also enjoys dabbling in fashion, lifestyle and food blogging. Her writings are inspired by her adventurous soul, a desire to experiment and a passion to reveal the truth that is hidden behind fallacious versions of reality.
hair transformation

New Year, New You! Greet 2019 with A Gorgeous Hair Transformation!

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Bridal Couture Week

Bridal Couture Week’18: Behold the Hottest Bridal Collections of the Season!

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Our Picks Of The Hottest Collection For This Wedding Season!

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