Kainat Qamar

Kainat Qamar has worked as a content writer at Careerz 360. She has done Mphil in Applied Economics and appeared for CSS Competitive Examination 2018. She has even participated in several debate competitions and won different prices too. For her content is everything that has been adding value in the life of a particular reader.

5 Lipsticks Under 500 That Are The Perfect Dupe Of Their Expensive Counterparts

From sumptuous to the drugstore, girls can never restrain a good-quality lipstick. Many of us may have Kylie’s exorbitant lip kit, Color Pop’s lavish...
Pakistani Women: Stories of Mistreat, Humiliation, and Survival

Pakistani Women: Stories of Mistreat, Humiliation, and Survival

Westerners habitually bracket the predicament of Pakistani women with religious maltreatment, but the truth is way more intricate. A certain mindset is immensely ingrained...
Inspirational Sports Women of Pakistan

Inspirational Sports Women Of Pakistan

In such a male-dominated culture, it is sporadic for Pakistani women to emanate through the ongoing gender bias. This is even rare when a...
Social Media Celebs!

Pakistanis Who Earned Success Overnight

One has seen the advertorial before. Males and females swanking around, disporting off their “rock-hard abs” which they simply achieved by engaging in physical...
Picky Eaters Guide to Weight Loss

Picky Eaters? Here Is Your Guide to Weight Loss

Picky eaters, does one knows who they are? They are those mommies’ dearest kids who have set high standards for everything like “this tastes...

Sania Maskatiya Is The Pride Of Pakistan

Sania Maskatiya is a well-known fashion designer to whom the field of fashion encourages to channel her innovative ideas. The core vision of Sania...
how to get success and be successful in life?

Want To Be Successful? Think Like Successful Individuals

Procuring success is not merely an incident of luck rather it entails time to grasp a trade. It even requires that an individual applies...

Women Wrangle a Roadway Towards Egalitarianism in Pakistani Society

Suppressed by impoverishment, dopiness, the subjugation of an oppressive administration and currently, the truculent assault of sanctimonious fundamentalism, the Pakistani women surely bear a...

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