Jowaria Sohail

Jowaria Sohail is a Tech researcher and covers local as well as international latest technology and telecom trends and news.
3rd Huawei ICT Competition 2018 In Collaboration With HEC

Huawei Partners With HEC For 3rd ICT Competition Pakistan 2018-19

Huawei is considered to be one of the largest solution providers for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) across the globe. Huawei has established a...
Facebook AI - 3D photo

Artificial Intelligence Now Allows Facebook To Transform 2D Photos To 3D!

Gone are the days of printed photos, negatives, reel cameras, and photo albums! High-resolution soft form photos, Tumblr, 500px, Instagram, Facebook photo albums, 24-hour...
JazzTube App, JazzTube APK

VoD And Live Tv – JazzTube App Has Covered It All For Its Viewers!

It’s all about the internet and speed these days. Different operators in Pakistan are giving multiple data services including WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc,...
Asad Umar Aims To Meet With PayPal CEO! PayPal Pakistan will help freelance to signup for PayPal account

Asad Umar To Meet PayPal’s CEO For Launching Its Services In Pakistan!

For the people working online and providing freelance services to international clients, the first thing is the transfer of the money in local bank...
Learn python programming

If You Want To Fit In The Programming World, Learn Python Programming!

Gone are those days when Pythons were considered to be the deadliest enemy of humans. With the evolution of technology and data sciences, it...
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera

Interested In Buying A DSLR? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is A Better Choice

Yes, you heard it right. If you are interested in photography and you intend to buy a beginner level DSLR then you should think...
Galaxy Samsung S10

Curiosity Is Killing The Cat – What’s Samsung Up To With Galaxy S10?

Most of us are running out of patience in order to know what’s Samsung up to with Galaxy Samsung S10. We all have been...

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