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Jowaria Sohail is a Tech researcher and covers local as well as international latest technology and telecom trends and news.
#10yearschallege posted by PPP claims that the party has served Sindh for the past 10 years and has transformed Sindh’s inhabitants’ lives by constructing connecting roads and highways via Tharkparkar.

PPP Attempted #10yearschallege And It Backfired!

Our social media is swamped these days by the posts of people participating in the #10yearschallenge. It has taken Facebook and other social media...
Blockchain Deployment In Pakistan

The First Milestone Of 2019 – Blockchain Deployment In Pakistan

2019 is bringing news in favor of Pakistan. The year has started with an important development in foreign affairs and foreign trade with Sri...
I watched BumbleBee this weekend and have been really disappointed to see Bumble Bee in such a miserable condition after losing his memory.

Bumblebee Is A Warrior And Why You Should Not Miss It!

BumbleBee has been a warrior throughout his life in Cybertron and losing his memory doesn’t affect his basic instincts and reflexes. Well, I watched...
Aquaman Is The Savior Of Both Underwater And Earth’s Future

I Watched Aquaman And There Is A Serious Message Hidden in It!

So the question under discussion is that whether Aquaman will save humans from the King Orm of the underwater kingdom or not? Aquaman is a...
Nominations Open For DICE Fellowship By British Council

Nominations Open For DICE Pakistan Fellowship By British Council

2019 has started and we really hope that this year is going to an exciting and adventurous year full of opportunities. So, here is...
Eight New AI Projects To Be Displayed By Samsung C-Lab At CES 2019

Eight New AI Projects To Be Displayed By Samsung C-Lab At CES 2019!

We human beings are still evolving. From stone age to civilizations, the industrial revolution to the internet, web-based to cloud-based and now digital transformation...
Notebook 9 S Pen

Samsung, A Pioneer Of Innovation Introduced Notebook 9 S Pen!

Samsung is considered to be the pioneers of innovation and advanced technology and leaves no stone unturned to provide its customers with nothing less...
It’s Time To Recall The Best Of 2018 List By Apple!

It’s Time To Recall The Best Of 2018 List By Apple!

The year 2018 is just about to end and it is time to review this years’ hits and misses. Let’s start with Apple’s “Best...
4G Versus 3G

4G Versus 3G – The War Of Fastest Internet In Pakistan!

It’s all about the speed and the charges! With the telecom operators providing both 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, it’s quite evident that...

Unbeatable In Innovation – Facebook Hasn’t Stopped Adding New Features!

Facebook is the second name of innovation and redefines redesigning and features enhancement. Facebook never fails to amuse its users by adding exciting features...

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