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Fatima Nadeem is passionate about the current trends in the field of technology. She loves to ponder over technological advancements and how they will change the lives?

Matcha Flavor Desserts Are Creating Buzz In Karachi

The flavour of lotus and Nutella is something old now; matcha is now everyone’s latest obsession. Matcha is Japanese green tea in powdered form and...

3 Times Women Proved Age Is Just A Number

One may call her charming, sweet, tranquil, cooperative, and alluring. While this is pertinent for most women, some females are shattering the cliché by...
Chinese Trying To Promote Digital Culture In Pakistan

Chinese Are Trying To Promote Digital Culture In Pakistan

A Chinese company is investing $300 million in Pakistan for promoting digital culture among the youth of Pakistan. There is nothing more about it; the...
IAF Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Got Vir Chakra Award

Abhinandan Is The Example Of Fake Heroism

IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman got captured by Pakistan army on 27th of February after his MiG-21 Bison Jet was shot down in a dogfight...
violence against women

Domestic Violence & Breaking The Silence

In spite of several advancements and developments in several fields like IT and media, still the society of Pakistan is suffering from several bounds...
DG ISPR schooled SRK!

DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Just Schooled Shahrukh Khan!

The spokesman of Pakistan Army DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor called out Shahrukh Khan and showed him the mirror for launching a propaganda-laden Netflix web...

Hamza Ali Abbasi Showed Us That Less Is More

A few days before there were several rumors about a well known Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi that he is going to marry an...
Pinterest Should Be Your Go-To App Right Now, Here Is Why?

Pinterest Should Be Your Go-To App Right Now, Here Is Why?

As almost everyone, I also love to use social media. But nowadays I am just loving to use Pinterest. Believe me, they didn't pay...
Mark Zuckerberg Hold On Facebook Is About To Lose – Thanks To FTC

Mark Zuckerberg’s Hold On Facebook Is About To Lose!

After several decades of running Facebook productively, now Mark is under being questioned for the things he had done. Yes, the CEO of Facebook...

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