Asia Cup 2018 Is Here And Pakistanis Are Hopeful For Another Win

Asia Cup 2018! Can Pakistan Conquer Asia This Time??

The history of the Asia cup can be traced back to the 80’s when super giants like Pakistan, Sri lanka and India would go at it to prove which team is the best Asian team in the subcontinent. Other teams like Bangladesh and others also participated but didn’t really perform to the level of the big 3 in Asia. I am hopeful that Green Shirts will bring Asia Cup 2018 home and beat the rest!

India Won 6 Tournaments While Pakistan Won Just 2!

Looking at the overall record since the inception of the tournament, it’s really surprising that Pakistan has not performed as well as its counter parts with India winning a total of 6 tournaments, Sri lanka has won 5 compared to Pakistan’s 2. Even though some might argue Pakistan over the years has been the best team to come out of Asia but their Asia cup record doesn’t exactly paint that picture. Pakistan for some reason or the other have struggled in this tournament but that can all change this time around.

Asia Cup 2018! Can Pakistan Conquer Asia This Time??
Courtesy: DNA India

It Was Tiring To See The Green Shirts Struggle

Last time the men in green won the cup was against Bangladesh in a narrow victory which went down to the last bowl, that was back in 2014, fast forward to present day and Pakistan is looking strong with players like Fakhar Zaman, Hasan Ali, Mohammad Amir, Babar Azam, Harris Sohail leading the charge. This Pakistani side is probably the best assembled one in the last 20 years, not since the 1999 all-star team has there been high expectations such as this.

Asia Cup 2018
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Asia Cup 2018 – There Is Still Hope!

We very recently won t20 tri-series against Australia and that only bolstered the confidence within the unit. To make matters better the teams competing in the Asia Cup 2018 are not up to par in terms of on paper talent, meaning a once great juggernaut Sri lank don’t pose the same threat like they once did leaving only one real threat which is India, who will be without their star man and probably the greatest batsmen in the world at the moment Virat Kohli. The training for Asia Cup 2018 is underway and the boys are working hard!

Rohit Sharma will take up the captaincy instead in Asia Cup 2018. Even though the Indian team is still very strong they certainly will miss Virat Kohli’s leadership and most importantly his dominating batting style when they face Pakistan on the 19th of September.

All in all this could be Pakistan’s chance to change the history and actually prove that they are without a doubt the best team in Asia!