Pakistan’s Arslan Ash Emerges Victorious in Tekken 7 at the EVO 2019

Pakistan’s Arslan Ash Emerges Victorious in Tekken 7 at the EVO 2019 Tournament
Courtesy: Value Walk

Pakistani parents might need to rethink about cutting down their children’s time on video games. For that, children have Arslan Ash to thank for. Not only that but he has proven that Pakistanis are a force not to be reckoned with when it comes to video games. Arslan Siddique who goes by the pseudonym Arslan Ash, surprised everyone by beating Tekken 7’s best player South Korea’s Jae-Min Knee who goes by his alias Knee at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2019). EVO is a yearly e-sports fighting game event. The 2019 event was held at Mandala Bay in Las Vegas Nevada from 2nd August till 4th August.

Arslan Ash beat Knee who was regarded as Tekken 7’s best player and had won the tournament the previous year quite easily. Knee seemed like a beginner in front of Ash while the latter showed that he might have been playing since the first day he was born. However, that is only one of Ash’s achievements.

Earlier this year Ash won the EVO Japan 2019 tournament as well. It is not considered as a big event as compared to the US one. Although it did serve as a warning sign in the form of Arslan Ash for many experienced Tekken players.

Knee was considered as Tekken’s best player but Ash changed the entire Tekken 7 scene. He has defeated Knee three times now. He defeated Knee for the first time at a tournament in Dubai and then a second time at the TGU X SEA Major Thailand in 2019.

Arslan Ash was previously known in the e-sports community for playing fighting games like King of Fighters and Tekken Tag Tournament. He debuted in the Tekken 7 gaming since last year FV X SEA Malaysia 2018 where he came in ninth place. From the ninth place to being the best player of Tekken 7 in just a year is huge for Ash and it also showcases how hard he worked and how determined he was.

Ash has made Pakistan proud. He is a role model for many Pakistanis who want to come forward and showcase their skills in e-sports. Currently most e-sports players come from countries like the U.S, Japan, and South Korea but Ash has proven that in a few years Pakistan will be dominating the video game scene as well. Ash has paved the way for many Pakistani video gamers to come forward in the scene and Pakistan could not be more proud of Arslan Ash for displaying a talented and positive image of the country overseas.