All About Oil Discovery In The Arabian Sea!

Oil Discovery in the Arabian Sea
Courtesy: The Express Tribune

Oil is one of the basic needs of every nation. In the current world, only those countries are progressing day by day who rely on their own resources and import minimum products from the rest of the world. Oil is the cure and dilemma of the modern world, the stronger nations are thriving off the profit while the less fortunate ones are facing war due to this resource. For better and worse, oil discovery in any country is regarded as the first step to prosperity and the booming economy. Recently our PM announced that there is a possibility of oil discovery under the Arabian Sea. Let dive deeper into this possibility in detail!

Natural Resources Of Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of enriching resources. When we talk about the resources the mind click towards the beautiful and mineral enrich mountains and the land which is full of natural resources. The most prominent natural resources are coal and natural gas that is found mostly in Baluchistan as well as some other part of the country.

According to sources, Pakistan has 9 billion barrels of petrol, 0.5 Trillion cu m of natural gas and 2.07 Billion tons of coal. These resources are playing their vital role in running the industries and automobile vehicles but not enough that Pakistan only relies on them without importing petrol from other countries so the news of a new oil discovery can be a fruitful one!

Definitely A Great News!

The PM Imran Khan has the vision to rely on Pakistan things rather than to import things from outside the world as it increases the budget deficit and eventually economy of Pakistan is unstable, for this purpose he is making all the arrangements what he can. Recently Exxon Mobil has indicated that Pakistan has big oil reservoirs than Kuwait near Pakistan Iran border.

Oil Discovery in the Arabian Sea
Courtesy: Daily Pakistan Global

Yes! It might be possible that PM Imran Khan a few days ago talk that Pakistan is going to have big positive news. Moreover, the statement about new indicated oil reservoirs is also confirmed by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdullah Hussain Harron.

Giving more information about this biggest achievement, the Exxon Mobil multinational company of America and it drilled almost 5,000 meters near Pak-Iran border and they are very much hopeful for about finding a big petrol reservoir and Pakistan is offering Chinese and western investors for this golden investment.

Sharing not many details about it by the government officials, it is guessed that if Pakistan successfully drilled out these oil reservoirs than it would be enough to handle and fulfilled all the petrol needs of Pakistan and importing of oil will be closed. It can also offer China and other countries who want to take benefit from Pakistan’s resources and want business for the long term.

Off course, this is big achievement towards finding resources across Pakistan, but no doubt the crown of this achievement to all the company employee of Exxon Mobil and ENI who work hard day and night for finding this plenty of reservoir. This reservoir will act as a pillar for stabling the economy of Pakistan as well as it also provides the jobs to Pakistanis.