WWDC 2018: Apple Launched iPhone XS Max Without Mentioning Apologies!

WWDC 2018 – Apple WWDC 2018 Released iPhone XS 2018, iPhone XS Max 2018, iPhone XR 2018, and Apple watch 4 series 2018.
Courtesy: Raymond Wong/Mashable

WWDC 2018 ended, curtains fell, and its dusted. It was like Apple company designed to showcase something really juicy. Juicy? Why not? Apple WWDC 2018 presented iPhone XS 2018, iPhone XS Max 2018, iPhone XR 2018,and Apple watch 4 series 2018. WWDC 2018 is over and the phones are lightweight but is it enough?

WWDC 2018: Apple Vs Google. Who Won?

Technological revolution is same as cooking the perfect meat. It should be a little hard to cut, juicy in the condition, and melt right away in your mouth before you are craving for your mouth to do some work – convenient and mouth-watering experience. Google IO 2018 went really well, it showed something great, my techno-savvy instincts got perfectly aligned in intimacy with the upgradation they presented. The Google Assistant has become bitchy to revolutionizing the map. However, after watching Apple WWDC 2018, it seems Apple just didn’t brew the coffee perfectly.

Specifications: No to Selling Kidney For iPhone XS Max. Will Lung Work?

It was same defiance to fool with upgradation with great finesse and Apple WWDC 2018 was full of upgradation talk. The parlance was amazing – better and faster. I mean really? Is this why iPhone X has been suffixed with max, I thought it was due to Christmas? Well, comparing the iPhone XS 2018 and iPhone XS Max 2018, I can’t seem to understand much difference, other than large screen, lesser than hair weight difference, and 2,688 x 1,242 OLED display – that’s it? With that, my apologies, even after drinking so much sodas, I have developed max stone in my kidney – that’s the upgradation that aches my whole body. And, that’s how the technological upgradation of a giant IT firm should be – aching the whole market. Sadly, iPhone XS Max is not worth even close to compelling me to sell my kidney. Perhaps, a lung –  after it has blacked-out due to smoking way too much since last night, as I was expecting a devour cuisine from Apple, and they depressed me with crispy chicken. And, dammit, that was not even juicy.

iPhone Xs vs iPhone Xs Max

With that, let’s pace the race to understand the two babies, iPhone XS 2018 and after make-up iPhone XS Max 2018, to see what upgradation Apple has brought to us. Well, earlier, when iPhone XS was launched, the specification difference was the processor that upgraded to bionic A12 chip which was A11 before. Also, water resistant capacity was increased from IP67 to IP98. Lastly, we witnessed the stereo-recording in iPhone XS. However, with introducing iPhone XS Max 2018, nothing of such maximization has been observed. All such features are same with just a touch-up, and some say they didn’t experience any difference, except the large display. That’s what they brought us to live with us for the next years.

Apple Watch 4 Series 2018: WTF, Siri?

Apple Watch when come out for the first time, it stunned everyone. Now, we are again stunned. The word is same, but dictionary is different. Hell yeah, the Siri has become modern and urban robot who can bother you about any urgent notification in Apple Watch 4 series 2018. From counting heart-beats to assisting in exercises, Apple has revolutionized the whole spectrum of advancement – Siri convincing you to respond to the notification. Time to leave the planet for sure. But, hey watch out my watch, it is expensive, and voila! it speaks. It is nothing but an Apple Watch 4 series. Seriously, let’s leave this planet.

I asked my Google Assistant, “Do you like Apple Watch 4 Series 2018.”
She replied, “I do not understand”

Is It Worth Buying?

So true? Isn’t it? Well, comparing the iPhone XS 2018 with iPhone XS Max 2018, better speaker and bigger display is all what we have. It is awkward – I am controlling my slang. Well, if you ask my opinion, iPhone X is way appropriate and smart purchase. Dang it! Apple knew it, so it discontinued that and presented us with iPhone XR 2018, which has less pixels, so yeah making up the point of sorting out the sale and demand discrepancy. The heck, they know their customers well enough.

Well, there is iPhone XS Max 2018, iPhone Watch 4 series 2018, and masqueraded form of iPhone XS 2018 as iPhone XR 2018, and that’s it. No, Mac Pro, and other gadgets, the cafeteria in Apple is surely out of brewed coffee, because that was the worst ever WWDC 2018. And, I can’t even reiterate the “sell-kidney” meme for that. Besides, my Prime Minister has called for austerity drive, and has asked for dam donations, accept my apologies, I am not wasting my money for such an un-upgraded like upgraded gadget. That’s it. I am done with downing my Red Bull.

With the Apple WWDC 2018 and the presentation of a brand new hopes, are you opting for selling a body organ and buy iPhone XS 2018, iPhoneXS Max 2018, and iPhone XR 2018 or Apple watch 4 series 2018? I think iPhone XR 2018 will be an underdog of this series as it was in Apple WWDC 2018!