A New Lawsuit Claims Apple Hid The Notch In Its iPhone XS Marketing!

A New Lawsuit Claims Apple Hid The Notch In Its iPhone XS Marketing!
Courtesy: BetaNews

In this modern era the only that mobile company will survive which have a good quality of devices with the trust of their valuable customers. To make any product successful, it is necessary to have a good advertisement so that customer can see understand and buy it. There are many approaches to advertise any product as print media electronic media and others and with these approaches comes faux marketing. Apple is under fire again as it supposedly hid the notch in its iPhone XS marketing.

Successful Background Of Apple

Apple remains very famous and is the apple of the eye of everyone but especially for high-class people throughout the world only because of their hard work and incredible features which are appreciated by their customers all across the world. It keeps launching new devices even at a high price with great efforts for marketing and advertising due to to a significant increase in the competition.

In September 2018, Apple launched its new device iPhone XS and the consumers make rush orders for online delivery. Millions of people were fond of the launched device as they trust the prestigious name and company reputation.

Advertisement Of iPhone XS

Apple Company did a lot of work in terms of marketing and advertisement to make its products famous among all the users. This mobile phone boasts almost all modern feature, for instance, good battery performers, impressive size and beautiful design with OLED screen functionality as well as high internal storage with high mobile efficiency.

Despite all these factors, Apple is in hot water for false marketing. Recently two people file a case in the district of California against the apple company as they are misleading the customers and showing a false photograph of iPhone XS in two major aspects which are

  1. Pixel
  2. Notch

Let’s discuss them individually.

What Does Pixel Mean?

An image consists of minute points called pixel. More the pixels, high quality of the image is formed because more pixels gives the excellent experience of seeing videos and playing games on the mobile screen. So Apple implements less number of pixels in the mobile screen as they used to say or claim as this test is carried out particular departments. This is the first false statement regarding iPhone XS marketing by Apple.

Notch – The Headache For Apple

Notch is considered as the middle upper part of the mobile phone mostly it carries a speaker.  A notch part, the mobile screen is curved or cut off. Some expats say that notch is part of the screen and some suggest that it is not part of the screen. So notch always remains a controversial point. As for as Apple iPhone XS marketing showed photos at Apple’s website, having no notch in the screen but practically it’s part of the screen. iPhone users reject this, and they file a case against Apple’s company.

Decision Against Apple

After the hearing, 55 pages of choice is given against the company as it is the found guilty in false iPhone XS marketing and advertising the wrong information and misleading their valuable customers. You can clearly and compare iPhone XS with iPhone 8 plus to get the point at it shows through edges.

This case is a worse example about manufacturing companies indicating the extent they can stoop to for promoting the product.