The Amazon Is Burning. And You Should Be Concerned!

Amazon fire
Courtesy: Newsweek

“If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money”, it is rightly stated. Amazon fire is destroying the lungs of the earth and you should be worried about the future of earth.

The above statement worsens the imagination when we seek a healthy future when in seen in the contexts of drastic fire adversity going on in Brazilian Amazon Rainforests that are famously known as the “lungs of the planet” since they generate 80% of the oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere. The dilemma is that the tragedy has not been talked about like it deserves. These Tropical Forests are reported to be burning at the highest rate of any forest come into such mishap till the date and are bringing complementary distress, homelessness and deaths to the numerous common and rarest species of flora and fauna. It is the largest and most significant rainforest existing at the face of the planet right now with the allocated area equivalent to the total area of the USA. The devastation is so grand that the fire flames can be seen from the space and their smoke has even been captured by NASA Satellites right from space.

Amazon rainforest is widely termed as the “Green Lung” of the world since it has the capacity to absorb a magnificent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The forest’s absence will now cause the hazardous gases to approach the world’s atmosphere and will stay there, thus, causing an enormous rise to the global warming that has already shifted on peaks. The heat outcomes now would be unimaginable. It is also being claimed that all the savanna formed due to fire consists of the volume to release five to six years equivalent of fossil fuel emissions across the globe.

Amazon is home to approximately 643 animal, bird and insect species including the rarest ones that now have the highest risks of going extinct. This is one of the most miserable practiced lows of humanity. In less than thirty years only, as reports suggest, around half a million square kilometres of the rainforest has already been destroyed. And now the air of which the Amazon was a preliminary source of purification, is also at peril. The fires also hit aims at the regularity of water cycles generating from the Atlantic Ocean. The resource falls into the forest, therefore, allowing the atmosphere to absorb a handsome amount of moisture to deliver not just to the local region but worldwide. This is the impact that Amazonia acquires upon this earth and the sane minds who are silent on the adversity are putting up more and more question marks at most. The residence of indigenous people has also been positioned at stake.

Though the cause of fires is unknown, anyways, the fire accelerated at the fastest rate ever recorded and took over expeditiously unlike its news. Amazon rainforest had been burning for the whole three weeks yet no news was popularized and people seem not to forgive the media for this. There are prayers for the rain forest as well as bashing directed towards the authorities. Twitter had a top trend #PrayforAmazonia made viral to shake the masses for awareness as some crucial, significant measure. Several urgent petitions were also circulated on the internet. Funds are also been raised and aids have been provisioned.

The skies of Sao Paulo city also happened to be covered with thick black smoke coming all the way from Amazon covering more than three thousand of kilometres, making the city look like it was a night at 3 pm there. Additionally, it is also strongly alleged by the extensively carried out research and clear day evidences that the fires were manmade since farmers needed land for farming and harvesting. This casted utter bewilderment to everyone who came across this news. Videos were going viral of a Pataxo native woman screaming with the reality of what’s actually going on in Amazonia locally. The translation of whatever she shouted was “The *an abusive adjective* came in and burned down four reservation. I want all of the media here to see this. For two years, we have fought to preserve our reservation and these *curse again* came in and burned it down. They are killing our rivers, our sources of life, and now they have set our reserve on fire.” Worse is that the controversial Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, seems not to pay any heed towards the matter that deserves utmost urgent attention and laughed it off by responding with “the fire is too far away and hard to access” on being asked for sending firefighters and military to the suffering vicinity immediately. Before this statement, he had also declared the research on rapid deforestation under his regime a lie and fired the national research institute’s director for defending the investigation data. The Bolsonaro government had also eliminated the restriction laws on burning, thus, the Amazonia fires ended up befalling as a tragedy upon the world. Even the Amazonia initially possessed much resistance to fires due to enough moisture it contained, but again, the deforestation brought about intensity in droughts in the region, thus leading to rapid wildfires.

The dear Amazonia is the earth’s heritage. It has done a lot for humanity but what we have reverted to it as its consideration is nothing else than mighty losses only. It is high time that authorities should not only do something but be held sternly accountable as well so that we can be able to expand our lifetime on earth a little more by avoiding such episodes that prove to be a slow poisoning catalyst into human mass extinction. The emergencies should have been announced long ago; since the fires are nothing less than the withstanding crisis. Let’s not make the mother nature any angrier than this else all she is going to give us back now is mere short breathiness, health issues, empty handedness and feeble chances of survival.