Ali Noor Hypes Us Up With Manwa Re!

Ali Noor Hypes Us Up With Manwa Re!
Courtesy: Business Recorder

Ali Noor was in the news recently for being diagnosed with acute liver failure. Luckily he got well in no time. He announced his recovery in style by releasing an acapella version of his beloved Manwa Re in style for Strepsils Stereo.

If we talk about the original Manwa Re, it is absolutely an evergreen song. It put Ali Noor and his band Noori on the map. This version, on the other hand, is a beautiful tribute to our nostalgic state of mind. The song has already more than a million views on YouTube which already gives the indication that people love this rendition.

The way Ali Noor sings this version is absolutely soul touching. It tells you how much effort he has put it in and it easily resonates with the audience. Each time, you hear it you find it a hundred times better. This is just the magic of Ali Noor’s voice, it captivates audiences and it forces them to keep on listening and listening. You cannot stop listening to it.

We are already familiar with the concept of Strepsils Stereo. The songs presented by Strepsils Stereo are basically done without the use of instruments and the sounds are produced through the mouth. How amazing is that? It is a project led by Ali Noor and we had been waiting on seeing how he does a song of his using that method. It is an excellent decision to go with Manwa Re.

Manwa Re is however not an easy song to do. The original song makes use of a lot of instruments which supports the vocals. So at first, one would be quite surprised to see that a song like Manwa Re would be chosen for the Strepsils Stereo format. However then again what one could expect from Ali Noor? He takes risks and does not let you down. Same is the case with Manwa Re.

Commenting on the video, it is absolutely breathtaking. There is nothing forced or lessened about it. The video treatment of the song has been done in such a manner to support the audio and lyrical content of the song. The highlight of the music video is of course none other than Ali Noor himself who takes us on a journey of his to show us how he has grown as an artist and how we have grown as fans. From the old Manwa Re to the new Manwa Re, it has been an amazing journey so far.

Overall, this version of Manwa Re is absolutely spectacular. Get excited because Ali Noor has an upcoming debut solo album as well as more music for Strepsils Stereo. We cannot wait to see what new trick Ali Noor has up his sleeve to mesmerize us with next.