Alee Hassan, Sadaf Kanwal, And Anam Malik Are Facing Severe Backlash Over This Photo!

sadaf kanwal, anam malik, and Alee Hassan depiction of women
Courtesy: Alee Hassan - Instagram

I look at the picture of Sadaf Kanwal and Anam Malik, I kept staring. Not because I wanted to, my mind was trapped. I started to wonder as to what the picture is implying. My mind was signaling me distorted messages. Perhaps, I was in delusion or confused? Still, I cannot figure out. Let’s see what I perceived, your mind will either align with my thoughts or would straightforwardly disagree. It is sad, isn’t it? Whenever it is regarding women, we become so judgemental. As a feminist, I would rather say, it is ridiculous.

A Brief Description Of The Pic

Let’s keep feminism aside for a moment, and start pondering our thoughts on this specific picture. Alee Hassan photography is exceptional here, his work with the camera is applaudable. However, the starring models here, Anam Malik and Sadaf Kanwal have demonstrated what this picture demanded in a profound manner. The makeup by Khan Shoaib adds the texture of emotions and blends it amazingly with dark thoughts. Let’s tease out the details.

sadaf kanwal, anam malik, and Alee Hassan depiction of women
Courtesy: Alee Hassan – Instagram

Emotions In Alee Hassan’s Photography

The emotions are so vivid with symbolic attachments. The model (Sadaf Kanwal & Anam Malik) is still while revealing amazingly her chain-like necklace and metallic rings. It demonstrates that even though the society has squeezed her neck to near death, yet the ambitions concrete like metals keeps her going. By society, I mean patriarchy – the male chauvinist society. In that necklace, each circle is a repetition of the same issues that she faces throughout her life. Awkward stares, harassment, ridicule, judgment, and what else. It is a cyclic process that keeps on going, and each circle of troubles combines to form a significant chained circle that strangles her to near death. However, the rings in her fingers demonstrate an association of symbolic elements: struggle, bravery, fightback, and faith in herself. The last thing? Let’s keep it a little secret to be revealed later.

Texture Of The Pic

The brown contoured with light and dark blue, as well as blended in circular radiation with black, velvet, and silver signify the so dark sad emotions. It will uproar the emotions of sadness, affection, sympathy, anger, and all dark emotions at once. Indeed, it is a glitch – the anomaly of the society.

sadaf kanwal, anam malik, and Alee Hassan depiction of women
Courtesy: Alee Hassan – Instagram

The Message In The Alee Hassan’s Photography

You must be wondering that why I said to keep the last thing in secret. It is because it is best suited here. The foot on the neck of the girl already strangled to death by the male chauvinist society’s implications is not of a male. However, it is just another girl. If you will give a more profound look at both the pictures, you can see that in the first picture, she (the affected one) is shocked at the further oppression by a person who is of the same gender and has been facing the same issues. One can contemplate this association with the women’s rally when so many women protested against this movement. The consequence? Give a brief look at the second picture, the little life (the struggling nature of the women) is lost and that “near to death” reaches expiry – she lost! It is not her loss, it is the loss of the whole gender.

Overall, it is great photography if we keep in mind the Pakistani society. The oppressed are further oppressed by the affected people. In the west, the women revolution was a unitary effort, which seems impossible in Pakistan. If one stands up, there are many to suppress her. Kudos to models (Sadaf Kanwal & Anam Malik) in the picture for their professional work and shout out to Alee Hassan for capturing the emotions as close-to-reality. If women don’t stand up for each other, who will? Let’s keep this in mind and tease your mental faculties further.