Abhinandan Is The Example Of Fake Heroism

IAF Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman Got Vir Chakra Award
Courtesy: Pakistan Today

IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman got captured by Pakistan army on 27th of February after his MiG-21 Bison Jet was shot down in a dogfight along with the jets of Pakistan during the time of aerial combat.

I wonder why was Abhinandan awarded, for getting captured by Pakistan army or for shedding down in Pakistan and having our tea.

India claims that, IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman, who is the real shadow of tense military confrontation between both the countries, India and Pakistan, will get Var Chakra award for shooting down Pakistan’s F-16 during that dogfight, on 27th of February.

But we all know what actually happened that day; Pakistan’s F-16 did not get shot down. According to the report by Washington DC, based on Foreign Policy Magazine, it did not identify any such act.

The Pakistan’s F-16 was never got missing, India did not shot Pakistan plane (they can never do). This is the news acclaimed by US.

At that time too Pakistan was constantly claiming that none of their plane got crashed or shot down, but India was claiming to do the thing which never happened. After few months they are awarding their moustache pilot for shooting down Pakistan’s jet.

Oh wow Abhinandan you got India’s biggest award for the act that never happened!

On the independence day of India, 15th August, Abhinandan was awarded Var chakra for showing courage to Pakistan, which he didn’t ever show. Even he was captured by Pakistani army and several Pakistani people were beating him before army reached.

He was in Pakistan for almost 60 hours, but as Pakistan always wants to maintain peace between countries, they released him with complete respect. Even Pakistan took his care, gave him first aid for his injuries and offered him tea too, which was liked by Abhinandan. Still India always blames Pakistan for the negativities which we never do.

We are happy for the IAF wing commander Abhinandan that he got India’s third gallantry award Var Chakra for those acts which he haven’t done ever.

Tension between both the countries are from the day of independence in 1947 and still not get resolved, even it is now at its huge. India is continuously trying to make Pakistan bow down to their sick actions but they knew that Pakistan is a reputable and strong country who’s people can die for their land but can never bow down to anyone.

May God give Pakistan a long life ahead!