9 Evil People Who Did Great Things

Evil People
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Human – One of the most interesting creature that walks on this land. Sometime man is full of compassion and it is so strong and vital that he will make sacrifices beyond imagination. Sometime he can be pure evil and commit the crimes so violent that it can shatter your nerves just by thinking about it. History is full of perfect angel and evil people and they are remembered for different reasons!

“I am bad and that’s good. I will never be good and that’s not bad!”

These are my favorite lines from Wreck It Ralph which is a cartoon aimed at the villains or the bad guys from the video games like the turtle like monster Bower from Mario and so on. What I liked the most about this cartoon was the theme that was shown in it i.e., there is always goodness in bad people. How bad could someone be? Don’t we all have a part where we feel bad about what we do to others? This is also true in real case scenario because there were some evil people in history who sure did a lot of good things. Don’t believe me? Read about it yourself!

1. Hitler

If you raise a hand like him, majority of the people would know who you are referring to. That’s how despised this guy is, for what he did to so many people. Many people know him for the cruel things he did to people however, even though he is among the evil people in history, he initiated a campaign that was focused on banning smoking. Not so evil I guess! What are your thoughts about him?

Nine Evil People Who Did Great Things
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2. Benedict Arnold

He did involve himself in treason but he spent his own money to equip and train his men. It’s not the best quality but he got the dignity to spend his own money and then the same dignity vanished when he betrayed his own country!

Evil People
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3. Fred Phelps

He sparked up a hate group and his family is still hated by hundreds nonetheless, he fought against the racial discrimination.

Evil People
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4. Ted Bundy

Known as the serial killer, he did help people with suicidal thoughts on the hotlines. He did try to convince people and must have saved some lives too. How ironic and weird! On the one hand, he is convincing people to live while on the other hand, he is killing them. If this is not wrong then I don’t know what is. He did right things but it is overpowered by his wrong deeds.

Evil People
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5. Napoleon

Even though he is recognized as a ruthless dictator and is among the evil people in history however, he made laws that were recognized as the best legislatures. This was a right thing to do but still, we cannot call him a good guy. No way!

Evil People
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6. Ivan The Terrible

Not so terrible! Even though he had ordered massacres that killed thousands of innocent people however, on the other hand, he did try to help struggling artists and poets. In addition to that, he also opened up trade with the other countries. Regardless, he is still in the list of evil people in history for what he did to the innocent people’s lives because it cannot justify the cruelty at all.

Evil People
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7. Lizzie Borden

She killed two people with an axe but was a huge animal lover. Does it count as a good deed? Because she sure is among the evil people in history.

Evil People

8. David Berkowitz

Recognized for being one of the most notorious American serial killers, he genuinely felt remorse for his actions and was willing to give book profits to the victim’s families which he did!

Evil People
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9. Caligula

He was a cruel ruler but he kept his troops happy and gave them bonuses too! Doesn’t sound very nice though!

Evil People

No matter what little good they did, they are considered to be the most evil people. I don’t think that one good deed was enough and we are not labeling them angels but the information was interesting nonetheless!