72nd Independence Day – Broken Yet Unbeatable!

72nd Independence Day - Broken Yet Unbeatable
Courtesy: Dawn

“There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”. Who knows if this is due to Jinnah’s blind belief in God when he powerfully quoted this that God actually ended up turning it into reality till today or he insightfully beheld this potential within us to bring the country, all lively to its state of 72nd Independence Day today despite decades of wicked loots, deceits, rebellion, black sheep, battles, economic crisis, societal falls, power conversions, external pressures, strategic declines, moral corrosions, internal tensions and so the list goes one featuring enormous setbacks that no doubt broke us but never beat us to the point where we could not even retaliate.

We may not be getting the due returns on international levels. We may be ridiculed by people ourselves. We might have been unfortunate enough to be disregarded with scornful allegations. A good majority of us may find chances to escape the country, considering putting efforts here useless. But in reality, this is only a side that is popular. Today, let’s turn our heads to introduce the other side to the world.

We are Pakistan Army that is in unconditional state of war since decades to ensure peace in the territory and has not lost only countless military men but civilians as well after the great cause. We are Army Public School that reopens despite threats of the same brutal incident again. We are children like Aetezaz Hassan and Arfa Kareem who take national responsibility at youngest ages. We know the value of democracy but also make sure that no mistakenly mass elected Na-ehl man rules over us. We are the world’s largest humanitarian system of ambulances, yes, we are Edhi Foundation. We are JDC that brings every rich, middle class and poor to one meal mat, and we are such countless many NGOs working unconditionally day and night for each other. We don’t call ourselves a secular state yet safeguard every minority’s rights and even represent them in our flag. We are a mighty nuclear power but at the same time, we are also strong willed to save world from inhumane war despite our rivals testing our nerves since decades. Peace is our first priority and we know it takes more courage in maintaining peace than pulling off violence. We are generous guests not only for the tourists but for customers that come to our shops in the market during our lunch time; “ao bhai, hamaray sath khana khao (come, eat with us)”, is always the warm call. We open our houses when countrywide disasters or such emergencies falls upon us. We are brave people of FATA who get out of houses to vote for the sake of positive change despite the fearful atmosphere prevailing upon heads. No matter we cannot afford, we make sure to buy fresh paper flags on 14th August every year and this year we are celebrating our 72nd Independence Day with the same zest. This is our enthusiasm, to celebrate being independent, to value freedom. We rightly perceive liberty as a holy blessing. Even if we are unable to give way to ambulances due to traffic jam, we never skip silently praying for the patients inside. We do respect our women despite what world shows, to see the reality, you must interact with it yourself. And those who don’t pay women their fair reverence, we aren’t even reluctant to beat them right on spot for a life-time lesson. And unlike the western world, a man is also as noble as a woman here. Feminism has its share of the hunt at patriarchy here, but the same feminism is also careful enough not to do any injustice to men. The underprivileged and transgender communities are getting to take the same role as any normal human being in society. Yes, we had majorly lacked in the past, but we are getting to correct ourselves, we have set off on the path of awareness already. And most importantly, we may have enormous differences among us but when the duty calls, we are Pakistani and no representative of any specific cast, language or religion.

Yes, the black sheep, the selfish ones, the rebellion, the fly-foreign-away wannabe(s), the corrupted, the worst-intentioned still breathe alive here, among very us, but they are not as powerful as they may seem than the honestly patriotic, selfless, stay-here-and-die-here passionate ones. And exactly because of these crazy people who bleed green, careless of their personal biases and personal benefits, we are still surviving, no matter broken, but yet dearly unbeatable and still celebrating another independence day – 72nd Independence Day!