Imran Khan’s 5 Million Houses Project Can Turn Into Reality – Thanks To Aneel Mussarat

Imran khans 5 million houses project and aneel mussarat
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It’s a norm for Pakistani politicians to make promises, and to fail to deliver. The Pakistani awaam have literally stopped believing the hollow promises made by political just to obtain votes; but this time it is different. With Imran Khan and PTI coming into power, the people of Pakistan are expecting deliverance. Maybe this is because Imran Khan is known to be a philanthropist, or maybe because PTI has shown a degree of deliverance in KPK. Whatever the reason, after a very long time, the people of Pakistan have hope about Imran Khan and his 5 million houses project. Aneel Mussarat enter in the scene as he is working with Imran Khan on this housing project.

imran-khans-5-million-houses-project and aneel musarrat role
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100 days plan of PTI

On May 20, 2018, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) officially declared their 100 day development plan that would come into motion once they were elected to power. PTI won the 2018 elections and now Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has also become the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan so it’s time to pay the piper the dues.

Imran khans 5 million houses project and aneel mussarat
Courtesy: Aljazeera

In the event held in Islamabad on the 20th of May, PTI discussed six important agendas; and planned to work on it once elected. Many prominent leaders including vice-president PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi , Pervez Khattak, Asad Umer, Shireen Mazari and Jehangir Tareen or you can say possible cabinet members were also present there. The six points PTI discussed were:

  1. Transforming Governance
  2. Strengthening the Federation
  3. Economic Growth
  4. Agricultural Reforms and Water conservation
  5. Revolutionize Social Services
  6. Ensuring Pakistan’s National Security

Under Economic Growth Agendas, PTI announced to build economic housing for 5 million people who belonged to the lower-middle or lower class. Imran Khan’s 5 Million Houses Project can be regarded as a life-changing approach of the government to facilitate the public.

Role of Aneel Mussarat in Imran Khan’s 5 Million Houses Project

Before we move on to further details, I feel the need to introduce Aneel Mussarat to you. Aneel, a British-Pakistani industrialist, who has been friends with Imran Khan for a very long time, is a very close aide of Pakistan’s Premier.  Aneel who is not a part of the cabinet, nor any official high position in the government, has been seen very often in high profile meetings related to the 5 million houses project. The British-Pakistani business tycoon has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to peruse his business in Pakistan, nor will he get involved in the politics of Pakistan; he just wants to give back to his country of origin. In the past, Aneel has been seen sharing a strong bond with several Bollywood A-listers, like Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and many others.

Imran khans 5 million houses project and aneel mussarat
Courtesy: Prime Minister Office – Facebook

As September began, Imran Khan established a committee to recommend methods and a plan that will ensure the smooth implementation of the 5 million housing programme. The project was aimed at making affordable housing units over the span of five years, for people who belong to the middle and lower class. This scheme was to be carried out through the private sector and was named as 5 million houses project. The Prime Minister house issued an official statement relating to this, stating that: “the committee will take into account all aspects including the legal framework, availability of land bank and raising of required resources for smooth implementation of the project.”

Various plans, road-maps and models were formulated, discussed and debated but none were finalized. So this week in a follow up meeting, Imran Khan instructed the committee to give its final recommendations so that the work can begin. This is the first time, any political leader has actively participated and kept a follow up on the promises he made to the people of Pakistan.

Keeping in line with his hundred day agenda, the Prime Minister has decided to take complete ownership of the housing scheme, to speed up the process and remove all hurdles in its way. Imran Khan is currently embodying a Knight in a shining armor for many people in dire need of proper housing facilities and Imran Khan’s 5 Million Houses Project is aiming to facilitate the underprivileged population of Pakistan.

The five million housing units will not just give people a home to live in, but will also boost the economy. It will create jobs and increase the employment rate too. Aneel Mussarat proposed a plan in which he clearly stated that as many as 6 million jobs will be created as this plan is executed.

As per the plan of Aneel Mussarat, approximately ten thousand new developers will enter the market for this project. This will break the monopoly of the small segment of big builders, and balance out the market.  According to this plan, an average middle class family will need to take mortgages and loans to afford the new house, but this would require a change in Pakistan’s banking laws.

In the past seventy years, it is estimated that Pakistan has built 19 million houses only. This is why, building 5 million economical and affordable houses in five years is seen as a challenge by many.

Imran Khan has faced a lot of criticism for being a philanthropist and humanitarian at heart but he remains adamant in seeing the housing scheme all the way through. Many believe that this is not practical and possible as the cost will be very high, yet Imran Khan is sticking with the plan given by his childhood friend, Aneel Mussarat.

Pakistan has seen many politicians come and go in the past, each made very big promises and got the hopes of the citizen high, but they all failed to deliver. Imran Khan has to face the brunt and anger of mistakes and false promises made by politicians in the past too. Everything he does no matter how small is under scrutiny at all times. Khan Sahab has a rocky road ahead, but if he delivers, the landscape of Pakistan will surely change for the better.