5 Lipsticks Under 500 That Are The Perfect Dupe Of Their Expensive Counterparts

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From sumptuous to the drugstore, girls can never restrain a good-quality lipstick. Many of us may have Kylie’s exorbitant lip kit, Color Pop’s lavish lip colours, NYX pricey gloss and much more. How happy you are going to be when I tell you that we have the list of lipsticks under 500 which are the perfect dupes for expensive originals without compromising on the shade and the quality?

Several teens are even seen shedding tears when they are unable to get their hands on the latest and most demanded lip shades. Like, they will not be able to survive without it.

Finding a particular brand’s lip shade has become so common that every now and then numerous girls are seen ordering them. Even when a brand’s makeup products are on sale one may have noticed that a specific sale ends within a few hours. You may be thinking that what other girls will do who were unable to get their hands on a particular make-up product. But do not worry these brands are putting numerous sales every now and then and surely most of the teenagers get a chance to buy their favourite glossy, extravagant lip colour.

On the other hand, teenagers are even seen heading towards different drugstores searching for top quality nude lip shades. This is because many of these top brands do not have local shops. Girls have to wait for their friends or relatives to come from abroad and bring their favorite lip shades. While on the other hand, women are even seen opting for cheaper alternatives for several known brands like Mac, Chanel, Luscious and many others.

It is true that for some girls their lip shade matters a lot. No matter what happens these girls try their level best to never go wrong with their lip color. You know what; a brand is not something that matters a lot. What you can do is to get their hands on lipsticks under 500. Yes, you heard it right a lip color under 500 will make you look same bold and beautiful which a highly-priced Color Pop lip color does.

Now you might be thinking that how is this even possible. So, my pretty ladies here are a list to end all of your worries. Read on to get a dupe of your favorite lipstick brand.

Rimmel Kate Moss 03

For those girls who are a die heart fan of Channel lip shades. Here comes a dupe of Chanel known as Rimmel which has your favorite lipstick in almost the same color. It is also readily available at an affordable price.

Lipsticks under 500
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Wet and Wild ‘Vamp it up’

For those girls who are unable to get their hands on Mac’s dark shiny and glossy highly-priced lip shade can now opt for Wet and Wild lip color. This gives the same bold look to one’s lips as extravagant Mac’s lip color does.

Lipsticks under 500
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Maybelline “Touch of Spice”

Are you unable to get your hands on Mac twig’s favorite lip shade? Do not worry Maybelline “Touch of Spice” is here to end your all worries. This lip shade is readily available and it is under 500 too.

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Clazona 525

This glossy hot red lip color gives you girls the same look as Luscious bright red over-priced lip shade.

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Rivaj UK Diamond

One of the most sold lip product which is readily available at affordable price. It even enhances your look same as Color Pops dark red lip color does.

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These are some of the best brands which have lipsticks under 500. So girls what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on the best lipsticks dupes now.