4G Versus 3G – The War Of Fastest Internet In Pakistan!

4G Versus 3G
Courtesy: Carphone Warehouse

It’s all about the speed and the charges! With the telecom operators providing both 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, it’s quite evident that 4G supersedes 3G in terms of high speed and video buffering time. However, 3G is a winner where the handsets support 3G only. However, the majority of the handsets now support 4G as well so it’s a serious situation in terms of using 3G and 4G services simultaneously. In order to gauge 3G and 4G services, we need to keep in view the following points:

  • Coverage
  • Speed
  • Per MB charges
  • Handset compatibility
  • Battery timings

Most of the users are comfortable in using 3G services since it saves their battery, however, 4G, on the other hand, drains the battery quickly.

November Users’ Figures By PTA

  • According to PTA, the total number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan is around 60.58 million by November 2018
  • The total number of phone users is 152.74 million in November 2018
  • The total number if Jazz’s 3G users are 14.069 million and 4G users are 6.58 million in November
  • The total number of 3G subscribers for Zong is 8.66 million and 4G subscribers are 9.32 million as of November 2018
  • For Telenor, the total 3G users are 9.32 million and 4G users are 4.39 million in November
  • In the case of Ufone, the total number of 3G users in November is 8.217 million

4G Versus 3G

Complaints Registered At PTA

Now, these figures are quite interesting since PTA received a total of 3196 complaints from customers belonging to different telecom operators, PTCL, ISPs in November 2018.

  • Since Jazz has got the highest number of subscribers so does it tops the complaints’ charts. Jazz (Mobilink + Warid) has got highest numbers of complaints with a total of 827 complaints according to the PTA data.
  • PTCL got 780 complaints and is second in the list.
  • Zong stood third in the total list and second in the telecom operators’ list with 531 complaints.
  • Well, Telenor has got the second largest subscriber base in Pakistan but it has got 528 complaints in November thus making it third in Telecom operators list
  • Ufone had a total of 472 complaints.
4G Versus 3G
Courtesy: PTA

Complaints Resolution By PTA

According to PTA, it was able to resolve 99.56 percent complaints implying 3,182 complaints in number. It is to be noted that the cellular mobile subscribers are the largest part in the total telecom subscribers base that’s why the majority of the complaints belong to the telecom sector.